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Wayfarer’s Chapel, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, 2004

My husband’s 2012 diagnosis of Stage IV cancer turned our world upside down.  We had then been married over 32 years, and together for almost 35 years.  All these years he has been the central focus of my life, my unfailing source of strength and support.  Now we face our most significant challenge in a life together that has been filled with challenges.  Read more about Jeff here and here, and in many subsequent posts that will be found simply by searching for “Jeff” at the blog’s search  box.

In addition to this formidable battle, we continue to deal with the ongoing cardiac problems in our younger son, now an adult, who was born with a rare genetic disorder that includes multiple disabilities.  I find myself struggling daily with feelings of hopelessness that threaten to defeat my natural optimism.

Life is hard, and for most of us, it is likely to get harder in the future.  Yet it is also filled with blessings and promise.  I started this blog in November, 2012 as an effort to provide a reminder of beauty and an uplifting thought each day.  My hope was that I might somehow reach others who faced daunting struggles and needed a note of cheer.

In the beginning, I intended to keep the daily postings simple, with just a photo and a brief quote. Very quickly it expanded into written commentary on the quotes, along with an active comments section through which I’ve made many wonderful friendships I never dreamed would result from my feeble efforts to stay positive.  I’m amazed at how God can continue to bless us so richly even in the darkest of circumstances.

So here we are now, with Jeff nearly four years into a dismal initial prognosis of being able to live “about two years, with treatment.”   We are deeply grateful for the presence and prayers of so many who have been with us via this blog for several years now.

After two years of daily postings, I was no longer able to keep up that publishing pace as life became more and more demanding, and we were spending fewer hours sitting around hospitals and chemotherapy clinics.  I switched to publishing only two posts a week, and we’ve been blessed to stay in touch with readers who have come to mean so much to us.

Feel free to chime in with your own observations or links that inspire joy, gratitude, and serenity.  Because this blog exists to provide positive and uplifting content, all comments will be moderated to ensure suitability to this purpose.  This blog has always been, and will remain, a safe online refuge from distress; a hate-free, argument-free, insult-free zone.  If you believe life can be beautiful, you belong here!


  1. Despair – how it can come, how you can fall into it and also how to avoid it

    • Thanks for sharing this link. I found it very helpful. Pilgrim’s Progress has long been on my “books I need to read someday” and I have a lovely copy of it someone gave me, but meanwhile, this excerpt is eye-opening. I think the metaphor of the iron cage is an apt one.

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