Box turtles in the lower 40 July 2015


  1. LOL, She really was camera shy! Geez, that’s so cool they live in your backyard. Nothing like them around here. They must take forever to walk about your yard, look at the wee legs on that one.

    • K, it’s amazing how FAST they actually travel. Sometimes I will run into the house to get my camera and by the time I get back out a minute or two later, they are GONE far from the spot where I left them, and I have to hunt for them. When Jeff called me out to see them this time, I said I was going back in for my camera, and I said “Make sure they don’t move before I get back out here!” 😀 It’s the old story of the tortoise and the hare, in real life. I just love having the turtle family back there. I have even seen the Mama turtle laying eggs, and Jeff has found teeny-tiny babies that have just hatched! I have a photo of one of them next to a dime, which Jeff advised me to put down there so the photo would show how very small they are when they hatch.

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