Stained glass in a Bar Harbor shop, June 2012

I saw this beautiful stained glass in a shop in Bar Harbor, Maine, June 2012


  1. I can’t even imagine the time and effort to accomplish something like this. Beautiful.

    • I was glad we had flown in or I would have been SERIOUSLY tempted to buy it, despite having nowhere to hang it. I just love stained glass and this is one of the most fabulous pieces I had ever seen.

      • singleseatfighterpilot

        I would like to see a poll of blog correspondants regarding who has tried to craft something out of Stained Glass?

        • Eric, probably very few people see the comments on this page since it’s an old one. But I can tell you that I have only ever known one person who tried to learn stained glass, and I know it was difficult and expensive for her. If I hear of anyone who dabbles in it, I’ll let you know. It would be a great skill to master.

  2. Kathleen Fitzpatrick

    Is this for sale and how much would that be

    • Since this was seen in a shop many years ago, I’m sure it probably sold long ago. I have no idea how much it cost. It is beautiful and probably was expensive.

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