Pasha with Easter Bunny

Pasha captures the ultimate rabbit, spring 2011


  1. Needed a doggie fix this morning ❤

    • ❤ I need to change up those photos on the margin of the blog page, but I love that photo of Pasha so much that I don't have the heart to change it! ❤ Thanks for noticing.

  2. So sweet!

    • Thank you. We still miss our sweet Pasha. When our life settles into a more predictable routine, we hope to adopt another dog, but Pasha will never leave us — his feisty spirit will always live on in our hearts and minds.

      • Rene

        I love this photo too. In fact, I came looking for it. Please feel free to leave it!

        • Aw, thanks Rene! I do look at it fairly often. We still miss our Pasha. We want to get another dog whenever our circumstances become predictable enough for us to be sure of being able to care for one properly. Meanwhile I enjoy the neighbors’ dogs!

  3. Pasha has that same expression regarding being held by a giant rabbit that I’ve seen on a lot of kids’ faces when being held by Santa. Precious!

    • Here is what Pasha is saying: “MAKE NO MISTAKE. I OWN THIS RABBIT.”

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