The true measure of our thanksgiving

Union Square, San Francisco, 2002

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.”  —W.T. Purkiser

Black Friday has become almost as much an American tradition as Thanksgiving itself.  Yet our shopping on this day is not always a selfish pursuit.  Many of us are seeking gifts for people we love, hoping for bargains that will stretch our dollars.  Although the crowds can get nasty at times, my experiences on this day have been mostly positive, with patience and good cheer on display to offset the irritability that often crops up.  I find it amusing and festive to see people lined up outside stores several hours before dawn, almost as if the world was having a big slumber party to which everyone was invited.

It’s important, though, to remember that gifts are only one way to share our blessings and show our love for others.  However you choose to spend this day, here’s hoping that it will find you enjoying life with a thankful heart.


  1. Hey! There’s Macy’s Union Square. Shopped a bit but didn’t buy anything. We were in San Diego once for Black Friday, omgosh there were deals to be had. I ended up doing half my Christmas shopping that day.

    • Isn’t that a beautiful store? One year at Christmas they had a wreath in every single one of those square windows. I think the “70% off lowest ticketed price” sales at Macy’s are such fun. I have gotten things there at lower prices than I could find at Target or even Walmart. Black Friday is such fun for bargain hunters such as I, but I think it’s the party atmosphere that makes it worth getting up and going out in the cold and dark. I know the news media tend to make it sound as if people are fighting and rioting everywhere but the worst I’ve ever seen is good old nonviolent commiseration, which can be a hoot if you have an amateur comedian somewhere in the line.


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