God’s furniture

Yukon territory, Canada 2000

Yukon territory, Canada 2000

Who has not found the heaven below
Will fail of it above.
God’s residence is next to mine,
His furniture is love.
Emily Dickinson

Regardless of my personal circumstances (and probably even more so when times are difficult), I never feel the love of God so directly as when I am outdoors amid “His furniture.”  May the year ahead bring many opportunities for us to visit with God through His creation.  Romans 1:20


  1. Eric Hedden

    As I have made more “comments” on this blog than any other, I again find the words of one author, be it Denton or Dickinson, that connect in my brain to something said by another author. To many readers, These “trips down a rabbit hole” may not be helpful. Nevertheless, I am reminded of a piece of furniture used by C.S. Lewis to describe the greek word “storge” – as he says, the love of near relations. A couch may feel very comfortable and appropriate in the privacy of ones own home, but the same piece of furniture may appear tawdry, if brought out-of-doors.

    • Eric, I suppose God’s furniture is just too magnificent to compare with even the best of what we make for ourselves!

  2. Thank you for another beautiful reminder of what God has given us all to enjoy.
    Let us never forget to “see” His marvelous works.

    • Carla, being outside is the most healing thing I know of. The crazier and more stressful life becomes, the more we need it. I’m glad you like the message!

  3. Carlyle


    A large part of my enjoyment of my years of hunting was just being close to God’s Furniture.
    I never tired of the wonder I found all around me.

    • Daddy, I have always wondered if this was the Chiricahua in you. I have often told people that I believe you are more comfortable in the woods or outdoors than you are among people, even though you really seem to enjoy conversation. I’m glad you brought us up to repsect and enjoy the outdoors.

  4. MaryAnn

    Julia, Early this very morning, I was praising our Heavenly Father for the magnificence of His Expanse. The clouds, the sun shining thru, the different colors of blue! Breathtaking! Only God can thrill me so! (as Max Lucado says: “He did it all for you!”)

    • Mary Ann, I am tempted to say “and nowhere is it more breathtaking than in California!” But in truth, the beauty of creation is everywhere. Don’t you just love it when God says “hello” to us as only God can?

  5. I find a great deal of Dickinson’s poetry inspiring. Her theology is a bit hard to pin down, but her poems are beautiful.

    I found my way to your blog after you “followed” mine. I’m going to “follow” you right back. I pray we encourage each other to do our best to glorify God in our writing.

    • Thanks, same here! Emily Dickinson was sort of an acquired taste for me, but once I discovered some of her lesser-known poems, I was hooked. I think she can pack some pretty deep insights into very short poems. Lots of layers to what she writes, in my opinion.

  6. Nancy

    Oh, you have just GOT to see Yellowstone, Julia! Of all the places I’ve been, it is the most magnificent.

    • Nancy, Jeff mentioned that recently as one of a few places he really wants to go – if he is able we will try to go this year!

  7. The strength of our lives is always groomed by the strength of our faith…when we believe much, so will be the abundances of spiritual beauties that will help our lives blossom and grow greatly! Your words always awaken the sleeper within, igniting a special hunger that will grow patiently while awaiting the tender embrace of your words each day!

    • Thank you, I appreciate the compliment and I hope that my posts will be an encouragement to others as well as to me. As I’m sure you have experienced on your own blog, preparing the posts for each day helps to break the pull of negativity and focus one’s mind on blessings.

  8. Eric Hedden

    re: Nancy/Julia comments. Yes! Not that my opinion has ever counted for much with Jeff, but I really believe the island Sybil mentioned, and Yellowstone are the kind of things that will bring “renewal” in Jeff.

    • Eric, which island did Mom mention? And yes, Jeff really wants to go to Yellowstone, hopefully sometime this year. BTW, Jeff may value your opinion more than you know. As with other silent types, he often holds thoughts and feelings that he does not express.


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