An island in itself

The atrium of the Diamond Princess on her maiden voyage, 2004

“The most fascinating island you’ll ever visit on a big ship is the ship itself.”
Ashleigh Brilliant

Count me among the people who are hooked on cruising with their first voyage. Beyond the allure of waking up in new surroundings each morning, or the convenience of unpacking and checking in only one time, there is the undeniable marvel of the ship itself.  Modern cruise ships are floating cities, and each year the cruise lines seem to compete to see which can produce the most superlative ship.  Some go for size or “bells and whistles” while others emphasize luxury and elegance. All offer unlimited food and a wide variety of activities.

No matter your travel preferences or tastes, there seems to be something for everyone who can afford the fare.  While cruising is actually a cost-effective way to see many places in a short time, travel is expensive at best.  But even if you can’t afford to cruise this year, it’s fun to spend some time browsing the websites and ship plans of the various lines, or reading about the many itineraries and ports of call.  In fact, the anticipation of planning for a cruise– for months or even for years– is one of the best aspects of going on one.


  1. I am looking forward to the cruise we have longed plan to make together. Love you.

    • Thank makes two of us! The hard part will be choosing WHERE…

  2. Sheila

    Julia, Good morning to you….and also to Jeff and Matt. Again, you have shared a lovely photograph and a wonderful idea of browsing the various websites of cruise ships or even yachts. Bill has never given a cruise even a second thought. He says it’s because he “cruised” in the Navy enough to last a lifetime. I’m really surprised he ever bought a personal boat! I hope your good nights are continuing. They do make for better days!
    With a prayer,Sheila

    • Thanks Sheila, this was definitely the least taxing of any of the chemo days so far. Maybe we are getting used to it, but it does seem to be getting a bit easier and Jeff feels somewhat better, so we are full of thanks tonight. I hope you will try cruising – Jeff doesn’t like boating but even he fell for cruising after one trip. I hope he does well enough that we can take another cruise together after this treatment period is over. Thanks so much for the prayers – they are helping!

  3. Mike Bertoglio

    Never been on a cruise. Sounds fun. Here in Seattle we have the Inside Passage cruise which goes up to Nome Alaska- starting here in Raintown. I think it takes ten days and you get to see all kinds of wildlife. Reminds me of that book, ” The Arm Chair Tourist.”

    • Hi Mike, the photo on today’s posting was taken on an Inside Passage cruise, although ours was only 7 days, and we only went as far north as Skagway. In Skagway we rented a car and drove up into the Yukon – definitely an experience to remember. Even saw some bears and the amazing Carcross desert, sitting dry and arid right in the middle of snowy far north lands. That was also our second time to see Seattle, a town we really enjoyed.

  4. Mike Bertoglio

    Seattle is a nice place to visit. Living there is another story.

    • We discussed trying to have Jeff get a tour of duty there, but I was afraid I’d have a hard time with the weather. It is beautiful, though.


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