Intense love

Children's artwork on display at Hagia Sophia, Istanbul 2008

Children’s artwork on display at Hagia Sophia, Istanbul 2008

“Creative work carries with it a form of intense love.”Lin Yutang

Lin Yutang’s description of creativity is parallel to the Bible verse that tells us “God is love.” If God’s love has been made manifest in the boundless beauty and diversity of creation, it stands to reason that people made in God’s image would also feel the loving drive to be creative.  For some, this creativity will take familiar, almost hidden forms: the well-cooked meal, the sewn or knitted garment, the family photographs, the handmade card or carefully penned letter.  For others, creativity will produce the whimsical, attractive or masterly works that exist purely to engage the eye or feed the soul.  Whatever forms your creativity takes, honor this spirit in yourself and others.  We were born to create, and to delight in creation.


  1. Carlyle

    Well said Julia baby!

    • Thanks Daddy. Hope you are feeling better now!

  2. Sheila

    Julia,your words ring true. When we take time to be creative in our daily life,even the attention to small details,we are a reflection of God’s love. I so hope you’ve had a good weekend. Sheila

    • Thanks Sheila, we did indeed have a weekend of blessings, and hope that you did too! I appreciate your visiting us here!

  3. MaryAnn

    Julia: I was raised amidst a family with varied creative talents…Art, crafts, woodwork, sewing (world class level), stitchery of all kinds…my interest was NOT in any of that until 2007 when I started quilting w/ Terri & Carol & other ladies from church…
    I love your take on the home-cooked meal, etc…I am good at feeding people! (I, also, did a great job of mending for my husband & 3 sons…still do; occasionly) thanks for shining the light on the good things we do each day!!!
    Creating and enjoying the Creation from our Creator!
    love you & still praying!

    • Mary Ann, you are one of the most lovingly creative people I know! The quilting will just add to that. You have been especially creative in the way that you have befriended Matt and given him (and us) so much encouragement! You are on my list of All-Stars when it comes to giving unselfishly to others!


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