The fullness of peace

A tree that caught my eye while walking in Culver City, California 2011

A tree that caught my eye while I was walking in Culver City, California 2011

“Not for me is the love that knows no restraint…Send me the love that is cool and pure like Your rain, which blesses the thirsty earth and fills the homely earthen jars. Send me the love that would soak down into the center of being, and from there would spread like the unseen sap through the branching tree of life, giving birth to fruits and flowers. Send me the love that keeps the heart still with the fullness of peace.”Rabindranath Tagore

Almost 20 years ago, I made Jeff a valentine that had this passage from Tagore on the front.  It seemed the perfect tribute for my steadfast and taciturn husband.  “Stable” and “reliable” and “disciplined” are not the first words that come to mind when one thinks of romance, but Jeff’s love has given me a constancy and balance that I lacked before I met him.  Now I pray daily for a miracle of healing that will enable us to grow old together.

On this Valentine’s Day, I wish contentment and happiness for those who are single; for those who are married to someone you love, treasure this gift and realize how much we all tend to take it for granted.


  1. May you and Jeff enjoy your here and now. Be grateful for every moment that you share. Find the happy moments when you can ~ and how lovely that you can share this journey together. It will bring you closer. I know from experience…11 years of dealing with my breast cancer and having my husband beside me. It allows your love to grow to a whole new level because you share the experience together intimately.
    Hugs to you ~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • I appreciate your comment. It is always an encouragement to hear from those who have emerged from cancer stronger, with positive thoughts to share. I agree that it is drawing us closer already, and we are even able sometimes to laugh together about some of the humorous aspects of it all (and I thank God there always seems to be a bit of comic relief available). Happy Valentine’s Day – and thanks for being here!

      • You are smart to find the humor when you can ~ and try to always appreciate the moment. When you’re the caregiver, I believe it’s harder than being the patient (I was the patient) but my hubby stood strong for me which made all the difference in my healing! You are appreciated more than you’ll ever know. Hugs to you!

    • 🙂

  2. I always pray for a peace that surpasses all understanding. The work God is doing in you & through you is soooo important to his kingdom. I passed this on to 2 of my girlfriends, one of which had a heart transplant many years ago…she like you, has a calling! God’s got you & your family in the palm of his hand. What a great place to be!!

    • Thanks Renee. Your strength and stamina are an inspiration to us!

  3. Dear sweet sister,
    I do so fervently share your prayer.
    Whatever else you do, enjoy the time that I trust you will have together today.
    Happy Valentines Day 🙂

    • Thanks Carla, we have already enjoyed our Valentine’s Day celebration, and we do treasure all the simple joys each day. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! And thanks for your continued prayers.

  4. Sheila

    Julia and Jeff, I wish for you a day of love and joy in the delight of simply being together. It is a God given gift……enjoy! Sheila

    • Thank you, Sheila! I am so happy you are here.

  5. Beautiful! I was reminded this morning in the book “Journey to the Fatherless” that life is short. He admonishes us to use our life to make a difference. You are doing that.
    So grateful your love for Jeff is steadfast.

    • Barb, thanks for your kind words, and for being so good to keep in touch! BTW, I thought you had some good points in your blog today. Mother’s Day sermons have always bothered me, for the same reason. It isn’t a happy day for everyone, and I know many women who have sat silently many a Sunday, grieving inside while the joys of motherhood are sentimentally expounded upon. But as you pointed out, all of us are loved, whether we know it or not! I hope you and Don have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

      • I sat through at least one Mother’s Day grieving because my daughter was stuck in Guatemala and there was nothing I could do to bring her home any quicker.

        • I’m so glad that story has a happy ending! 🙂

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU! Please accept the Lovely Liebster Award!
    Hugs to you!

    • Thanks so much, I am so happy you like the blog!

  7. Sherry

    I especially like your title, Julia. And maybe we are experiencing, after decades of marriage, the fullness of romance. :^) Because romance is defined differently by each of us as years go by, I think “devotion” and “faithfulness” are at the top of my list! And those would certainly apply to your situation as well.

    Be assured that we hold You (the caregiver) and Jeff and your boys fondly in our hearts and our prayers. We pray for your continued strength and Jeff’s healing to the Father who knows the hairs on our head (or lack thereof)! Peace and Mercy.

    • Thanks, Sherry. Yes, our ideas of lots of things change as we get older, with “romance” being on that list! We really appreciate your prayers; they are helping us to survive.

  8. Carlyle

    Beautiful tribute from a loving wife to a loving husband.

    • Thank you, Daddy. This morning Mama read aloud to me on the telephone the funny and touching valentine you gave her; she was obviously delighted with it. I guess you get pretty good at such things with 64 (or more?) years of practice!

  9. “treasure this gift and realize how much we all tend to take it for granted”
    This is so true; a friend died unexpectedly last night, and his loved ones are now trying to reconcile to what’s happened. So many times we forget to treasure each day and all those people that we love.
    Thanks for reminding us to treasure what we have.

    • Lisa, I am so sorry for your loss. I’ll be thinking of you and praying for your friends in this sorrow. The shock of an unexpected death would be devastating. Thanks so much for being here.

  10. MaryAnn

    Wow! What a gorgeous tree from a lady who SEES God’s Handiwork wherever she is!
    I love to “look” thru your trained eyes (visual & verbally)!
    I send love to you & Jeff!

    • Hi Mary Ann, thanks so much for your words of encouragement. I’m so happy to have you visit with us here!

  11. Oh goodness Julia, your struggle seems too much to bare yet you still shine. I don’t know what I would do. I’d hope to be strong, but it’s not something I’ve been good at in the past. Your strength and clarity really is inspiring. I hope you and Jeff enjoyed the day!

    • Thanks for your kind words. I have found that we are usually stronger than we realize, and it helps tremendously to have the support of people who care. Jeff and I have been blessed to have many good examples to inspire us. Thanks so much for being here!


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