When March is scarcely here

These trees flower gloriously, although briefly, every year - here it was March 2012

These trees flower gloriously, although briefly, every year – here it was March 2012

“A light exists in spring
Not present on the year
At any other period —
When March is scarcely here.”
Emily Dickinson

Along with a recent post about walking, I included a photograph of some trees in my neighborhood.  The photo above pictures those same trees during the all-too-brief period of their flowering, usually in early to mid March.  Perhaps it’s our eagerness for spring that bathes March with such beautiful light, or maybe the lengthening days allow us more chance to revel in its nascent beauty. In any case, I hope this month will bring you many opportunities to enjoy a beautiful March.  If you post (or find) any other lovely celebrations of springtime, feel free to share links to them in the comments.


  1. I’m certainly ready for Spring. I got stuck in the snow this weekend. Next weekend – I’m going to Florida!

    • How fun! For the first time in recent memory, my husband and I got away from the cold on a quick trip to Florida in January, and it was WONDERFUL. I wish you safe travels and a relaxing (or exciting) trip!

  2. Sheila

    Julia, I think spring is the one season that people so often will say “I am so ready for spring!”
    It does seem to be welcomed as a time for renewal in so many ways. I hope the week ahead will be one of renewed strength for both Bill and Jeff. Bill’s treatment is tomorrow and I read that Jeff’s is Tuesday. Prayer travels the distance! Sheila

    • Sheila, thank you so much for walking with Bill alongside us in this challenge. When I read your words, I immediately thought of Matthew 18:19-20. I pray that God will grant us all a week full of blessings! I am so happy to have you visit us here.

      • Sheila

        Julia, yes indeed. For if we’re togather then we’re not alone. So many walk this road, but it really helps make our steps and our burden a little lighter, to be able to share our feelings. Blessings, Sheila

        • Thanks Sheila. The old saying “misery loves company” is a bit off target, I think. We do not seek to share misery; we seek to feel understood, and to know others walk with us in faith that things will get better. Shared burdens are always lighter!

  3. What a beautiful spring lane, thanks for sharing that Julia. We aren’t quite there yet, just slush and mush right now so I’m always happy to see what other’s are doing.

    • You sent us some beautiful snow photos a few weeks ago, so I”m glad I can send you flower pics a bit earlier than you will be seeing them in your region!


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