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Sunset in the lovely little town of Dexter, Maine, June 2012

Sunset in the lovely little town of Dexter, Maine, June 2012

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”Jo Walton

Have you ever been outside just as the sun was rising or setting, and thought to yourself that you should make it a point enjoy sunrise, or sunset, more often? So have I.  But I still end up missing most of them, especially in the wintertime.  The good news is that the days are getting longer, and we’ll all have more chances to be outside for the morning and/or evening shows that come for free to the whole world every day.  (Note to myself: as soon as it warms up a bit, be sure to schedule at least some daily walks to coincide with either sunrise or sunset.)

And if you happen to catch a good photo of a sunrise or sunset that you’d like to share, post a link in the comments if it’s available for viewing on your blog.  If you don’t have a blog, send me the photo via email as an attached file to defeatdespair (at) verizon.net, and I’ll share it with readers in a future post!  Be sure to let me know something about the location.

Added notes:

Please check the comments for some wonderful links to sunrise/sunset photos!  Also, I’ll post below any photos emailed to me today:

Eric sent these photos along with the following comments:

“one of the first winter sunrises we experienced, as we began to settle in the mountains near Ellijay, GA. The date of this photo is 12-02-2006.”

Elijay Sunrise (from Eric)

Beautiful colors! Thanks Eric.  Here’s the other photo Eric sent:

“I snapped this with a cheap camera, as I drove “home” from salmon fishing, in June. It is taken facing west, with Turnagain Arm (just southeast of Anchorage) on the left. the interesting fact is that the local time of this photo is almost 11:00 p.m.”

Thanks, Eric – now I know why they say “midnight sun!”
Eric's sunset photo

And Sheila sent in this gorgeous photo with the following caption:

“Bill snapped this early one morning on the beach in front of our house. It is one of our favorites. Enjoy!”

Wow, Sheila…it must be wonderful to have a sight like this so close by!

Sunrise in Garden City SC (from Sheila)





  1. Yes, my friend.. This past week we had the little ‘sunrise’ challenge on Let’s Be Wild!
    If only all requests could be so easy!



      • WOW Z, this post alone is almost enough to make me a morning person! I loved the quotes, especially the one from Marcus Aurelius, and the one about the gazelle. Thanks so much for sharing this! A great way to start the day.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful post! Was that very first photo a hermit crab too? I have never seen anything like that!

      • i am not sure which one you are talking about, but the first image ‘at the beach’ has a painted coconut ‘impaled’ on a broomstick! the second image is of a fat chunky crab but not a hermit crab. the angle sort of distorts the image…

        • I was referring to the second photo. I think the angle had me confused, but that’s one of the most interesting shots of a crab that I have ever seen! Your photos are so much fun to look at because they take me to places far away, almost like a mini-vacation!

          • it gives me great pleasure to provide a mental escape every so often. that tells me that i am doing something right, and that my life has true purpose.

            sending you sunshine and flowers and happy colors to brighten those low moments. if i were there, we’d paint a fun painting together. do you paint or draw? z

            • Z, I have dabbled with painting and drawing over the years (most recently with a watercolor course I took at the community center a few years ago) but I lack any real skill, and just don’t have the time to devote to practice right now. It’s one of those things I tell myself I’ll go back to someday. My dad and my older son are both pretty good at sketching, but I like working with lots of colors so paint would be my thing. The thing I most enjoyed about the watercolor class was learning to mix colors rather than relying on buying different shades of paint. That was my first real exposure to using a color wheel. Thanks for sending me the bright thoughts and happy colors!

              • sketching a simple, ‘i can do this’ design can open amazing windows of unique energy. when people are working quietly on the same image – swapping colors, trading paint brushes (“may i use that yellow, please?” of course, and I need that blue, thank you!) there’s a tenderness that flows between everyone. if you have drop-in people at your home, that would be a great way to pass half an hour, and later you have the memories of those loved ones forever embedded in the painting. you can do a small one and use crayons or colored markers… it’s the final application of black that pulls it all together.

                • Z, these are great ideas! Thanks for the suggestions, I will remember them. I have noticed before how the black really makes the picture. I only know a few professional artists, but the ones I know are all generous with their talents and such fun people to be with. I appreciate your visits here!

    • Rene

      I love the saga of the hermit crab!

      • Z truly has the artist’s eye. Her blog is wonderful. I need to get back over there and spend some time; for me, it’s like taking a mini-vacation as she brings a different part of the world to life for me.

  2. Although I have enjoyed many sunsets, while over the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I have never seen “the green flash”. Some say it is a myth. I would like to hear if any of your readers have seen this phenomenon?
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTvIenot5ck” alt=”null” />

    • Eric, I had never heard of “the green flash” until I read your comment, and I could not see it in the video, although the still shot that remained at the end looked very interesting. I never saw anything like that even while we lived in Hawaii. Maybe someone else will know something about it?

  3. gloriafarmstrong48

    I have a beautiful picture of a sunset that I took with my inexpensive little camer while on the whale cruise at Cape Cod. I hadit tprofessionally framed and it is the most beautiful picture I have ever taken. I thought I had two framed and I had one in my office and one at home, but I have no idea where the one that was in my office would be. I will try to show it to you the next time I see you. If I knew where the original picture is that I had enlarged I would send that to you, but again, I have no idea even where to look.

    On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 3:36 AM, Defeat Despair

    • Gloria, thanks, I will look forward to seeing it sometime. Even if the other one has gone missing, at least it is still in your memory!

  4. I walk with my son to the bus stop every morning and we watch the sun come up ~ and I always make sure that he looks to the sky to see the clouds and the beauty of nature! I think it’s so important that we connect with the beauty which surrounds our lives.

    • What a fabulous way to begin the day. You are creating memories that both of you will treasure. Thanks for being aware and spreading the joy!

  5. You always have such beautiful pictures! Love them! Especially the one from Maine. I can already sense the oncoming spring. I love spring–my favorite time of year. And March is such a transitional month. I love to watch the changes.

    • Katie, thanks so much for the compliment – I’m so happy you like my pictures. Jeff and I fell in “love at first sight” with Maine. I too can feel spring in the air – in fact, I’m about to go walk my dog in the sunshine right now! Thanks for visiting.

  6. Mike Bertoglio

    As Eric mentioned I also have never seen the “green flash” at final moments of sundown. During our year in Hawaii people often mentioned this, but I looked and did not see.
    Of course in gray Seattle -sunsets are very rare and deeply treasured. Of course, yesterday weather in Seattle was almost perfect.

    • Hi Mike, I didn’t realize the Seattle weather would obscure the sunset, but that makes sense. I’m glad you get a beautiful day there at least sometimes, even if it’s only now and then! Thanks for visiting.

  7. J.D Maloy

    What a wonderful and beautiful way to begin the day! I’m not sure why I don’t make time to watch a sunrise or sunset either since when I see a marvelous one, I think that I need to take time to watch one more often. I’ve always wanted to visit the east coast, especially in the fall. I’m going to picture myself sitting at the end of that dock with my feet dangling in the water. Sigh.

    • I am so glad you like today’s posting! I think we all let many joys slip away while we are busy with things that seem more urgent. I’m trying to get better about taking 5 seconds to savor the blessings; I can fit 5-second breaks into almost anything! I hope you do get to visit the east coast someday, and my opinion is that fall is the very best time; the foliage is glorious from Maine down through Georgia (and probably Florida too, though I’ve never been there in autumn). Thanks for visiting us here!

  8. MaryAnn

    Julia, Sunsets have been my thing for as long as I have been on this planet! Sunrises are spectacular, but rare for me: I am not a morning lady. My family teases me that I think there is only 5p.m.; not a 5a.m….When our boys were young, I would extol the beauty of the sky as God sent the sunset for ME to see! They would “endure” my extreme joy. When our oldest was in jr. high, I volunteered in the office. I met the school psychologist, we talked almost everyday. I told him about how the boys teased me. He told me to wait, because they would show me a sunset one day. I was overjoyed when at age 18 Lance, the oldest, was working at our shop; called & told me to run outside to see the SUNSET! The sky was on fire, lasted for a long, long time! WOW! I was so happy & praising our God! (They all call me or tell me when they see a sunset.)
    I have tons of “sunset” stories and then we could start on my waterfalls, rainbows, ocean waves, plus all those other “free gifts” our Father gives each day!
    THANK YOU! Julia for sharing your passion for the beauty of our Creator!

    • Thanks so much, Mary Ann. So, you are not a morning person either! That gives us one more thing in common 🙂 to add to a long, long list. I loved hearing about how your sons “caught” your love of sunsets. Since we both love so many things and get so excited about “everyday” joys, you will have to just send me some “happy vibes” everytime you see something fun, and I’ll do the same for you. (For readers who don’t send or receive “vibes” just realize Mary Ann is a Californian and I’m a partial Californian :-)) I am so glad to have you visit us here and so happy for your longtime friendship!

    • Rene

      My son (19) and I got to experience a gorgeous sunset together just a couple of days ago, when we were picking out a Christmas tree together, and it was special because HE was the one who first mentioned it out loud.

      • Yes, that is a magical moment, isn’t it? When we realize our children have grown up to the point that they not only appreciate the beauty of nature, but are able to articulate it. Thanks for sharing that moment with us! I have such fond memories of picking out Christmas trees, both in my own childhood, and later when our children were helping us choose one. It is one of the things I miss most about having a live tree.

      • Rene

        We take turns, one year artificial, the next live. Michael & I got a pretty big one this year. It smells wonderful!

        • I think that’s a great idea. If I could scale back on my outrageously large ornament collection, I might be able to find a live tree that wouldn’t be killed by the sheer weight of the ornaments! 🙂

  9. when we are willing to look there is indeed a new sunrise every day even after the clouds.!
    have a wonderful day! Beautiful photos.

    • Thanks so much, Francina! I am so happy to have you visit us here!

  10. Sheila

    Julia, my thoughts are of Jeff and you this evening since I know that treatment days can be exhausting. Bill seems to have rebounded from his treatment yesterday pretty well. His brother is visiting from Bristol,Tn. and that support is so special. Those Tennesseeans are great! I was glad that I could share the photo. Sheila

    • Hi Sheila, I appreciate your thinking of us. This has been the easiest chemo day so far, for both of us, so I am hoping that’s a good sign :-). I will keep you and Bill in my prayers. Thanks for being here!

  11. We used to get beautiful sunsets at the lake. Admittedly we saw a lot more sunrises in our youthful, stay up all night, phase. Once my buddy Karen and I stayed up all night at the campfire and thought we’d go for a early morning canoe ride….her husband chewed us out , in his underwear, and she had to go in….giggle.

    • I love stories like that one! Such memories are the true riches of life, almost magical. Thanks for sharing it!

      • You can’t ever forget a neighbour in his underwear, HA. We still love like crazy.

        • It’s a pretty funny picture, even for me and I didn’t see it!

  12. ooops, laugh like crazy…..well we love too HA

    • Is that a Freudian slip or what!!! 🙂

  13. I miss all the sunsets. I enjoy sunrises a few days a week, though the sunrises in the desert are not that beautiful. I feel so as I come from a place blessed with natural beauty and greenery (Kerala, God’s Own Country). Here the sun abruptly soars from behind the buildings. No trees to veil it, and no water bodies to mirror it.
    Beautiful shots.

    • Bindu, I had never heard of Kerala, but after I got your comment I looked it up online. It does look beautiful! I hope someday to be able to visit India. We have some friends in Chennai. It can be difficult to get used to a new climate after relocation. I remember how hard it was for me to get used to the weather when moved from Hawaii to Texas where it was very hot and dry, with no real spring or fall weather. It seemed to go from being cold and drizzly in winter, immediately to HOT in spring and I really missed the mild weather. But I got used to the weather eventually and came to love Texas so much that I didn’t want to leave it three years later when we had to move again. Those who are blessed to live on the coasts are lucky indeed! Thanks for visiting here and I hope you and your family have a wonderful week.

  14. bobmielke

    As an avid photographer I live for sunrises and sunsets. Not the kind you view on the ocean but anything that can benefit from the Golden Hour of light producing lovely warm light without harsh contrast. I live for sunrises and sunsets. – Bob

    • That makes sense – even as an amateur who shoots just for fun, I have noticed how much difference it makes to get the light just right. I’ll have to try going out earlier — or later — next time I plan to shoot a lot of photos outside. Thanks for the tip, and for visiting!

      • bobmielke

        I could show you pictures with stories behind them. The sundown shot on top of a mountain where I spent hours waiting for just the right light. I remember going to a river locally at sunrise to get a fog bank and that golden light. It’s worth the effort and will show in your photos. Thanks for stopping by and making a detailed comment.


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