Read them fairy tales

Once upon a time, a mad king built a fabulous castle overlooking the one where he grew up.  Hohenschwangau as seen from Neuschwanstein, Germany, August 2005

Once upon a time, a mad king built a fabulous castle overlooking the one where he grew up.
Hohenschwangau as seen from Neuschwanstein, Germany, August 2005

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” — attributed to Albert Einstein

I could not verify that the quote above actually came from Einstein, but countless sources verify his more famous statement that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” Although it’s often a difficult line to walk, with some of us leaning too far toward creativity and fantasy, and some too far toward empirical data and scientific methodology, we all need to recognize the value of both.

Since we can’t learn anything without paying attention, stories that engage and delight can painlessly teach vital lessons.  It’s tempting to see reading for fun as an optional activity that is all too easily put on the back burner.  Today, I hope you will think about allocating some time for imaginative reading, even if there are no children in your home to entertain with fun stories.  Reading for fun can be serious business.

NOTE: if this post looks familiar, that’s because the WordPress gremlins sent out a sneak peek at it via email, when I was writing it on April 25. But I left it scheduled for May 9 as originally planned; sorry for those of you who are seeing it twice!  This happened to me once before and I still don’t know how it happens. Hit one wrong key and there’s no turning back, apparently.


  1. Awesome picture!

    Barb Winters Follow me on facebook


    • Thanks Barb, this post is actually scheduled for May 9, but the WordPress gremlins sent out a sneak peek (WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!) but hey, what can I do, I hit one wrong key and there’s no turning back. But this happened once before and no one could see the picture; did it come in your email? It’s not supposed to!

  2. Very odd, I can see your post in my email but can’t link to it. I was just thinking of how we all piled in one bed to hear a bed time read from the world book encyclopedia. It’s probably the only quiet time in our house. Gave me a life long love of books and stories

    • Yes, the post was sent out too early – not sure how it happened but while I was writing it, somehow it was sent out before I finished it. It was meant to be scheduled for May 9 and that’s the day you will be able to link to it. That happened to me once before – very frustrating!! You should have gotten a different post too yesterday, the one that was actually scheduled for 3 a.m. Any time you get one at another time, it’s probably a mistake! Although I try to set the date first thing so it won’t happen.

  3. On my computer at work if I do something wrong I can’t fix it. It’s sooo frustrating. There really ought to be a fix for that. NEVERMIND!!! I love this photo. It was a really fun trip and I love what you say about fairy tales. Stephen always called me a “Cinderella” and I have always believed that impossible things happen because the world is full of zannies and fools who don’t believe in sensible rules. Praying for you always.

    • Amy, if I remember correctly, you were standing right beside me when I took that photo. How appropriate that we were able to visit there together, the real-life castle that inspired the Disneyland version, since we are both such Disney fans and believe in the impossible! (I love that Rogers & Hammerstein song, BTW.) Thanks so much for your prayers, and I am keeping you in mine; perhaps we shall yet see a few nearly “impossible” miracles in the months to come.


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