Flowers are the music

Edelweiss Lodge Garden 2005

A garden at the Edelweiss Lodge, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, August 2005

“Flowers are the music of the ground…”Edwin Curran

For many Americans my age or older, it’s almost impossible to visit the Bavarian Alps without remembering the opening scenes from the movie The Sound of Music.  So Curran’s quote seemed appropriate for this photo of a garden in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  If you’ve ever been to Bavaria in the summer, you know that the hills and villages really are alive, and not just with the sound of music, but also the sight of it.  Seemingly everywhere, there are symphonies of flowers in all colors, decorating buildings with charming window boxes, and lining the walkways with bright borders.

The breathtaking Alpine views would be gorgeous enough without added beauty, but the locals must have been so inspired by living amid such scenery that they have created towns that complement rather than detract from the natural splendor.  The picturesque shutters and balconies of the chalets are a perfect enhancement to the stunning backdrop of the mountains. But it’s the flowers that bring the scenes to life, completing the fairy-tale enchantment of this beautiful part of the world.

Flowers add visual music everywhere, of course.  What are your local flowers playing today?  Take some time to enjoy “listening” to their songs!

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  1. GP

    Reblogged this on misentopop.

  2. The pictures you capture provide me with the same amount of joy as your words do.
    The film – the scenes from the film are so alive in our memories even today. Flowers – we must thank the artist who blooms such wonderful creations for us each day.

    • Thanks Bindu, it always cheers me to hear from you and I am so happy you like the blog. Today has been a hard one, but your comment has brought a smile to my face. Thanks for being here!

  3. I have always loved flowers but it seems like they were more beautiful in Germany. I loved how EVERYONE would have a window or doorway decorated with flowers from spring right on through. Gorgeous. Hope you have some flowers in your life today. I love ya.

    • Hi Amy, I agree with you about Germany; I have never seen flowers more pervasively or effectively used in decorating homes. Today was ROUGH, ROUGH, ROUGH – (see my comment to Sheila). Keep those prayers coming, please!

  4. Sheila

    Julia, I’m thinking of you and I’m praying that all is well there at the hospital. I know that Jeff is fighting so hard. I also hope Mr. Carlyle is doing well and also your mom. I thank you for giving me the incentive to walk on the beach. Always a prayer, Sheila

    • Hi Sheila, yet another emergency surgery today. There are two layers of sutures in Jeff’s abdomen from the liver resection, and the one under the skin (in the muscle layer) had burst open. It has not healed well for a variety of reasons, probably due to factors such as the chemotherapy he took for the past 5 months (although they had discontinued it for the month prior to surgery) and his inability to take in any nourishment (protein) due to the abdominal blockage, which has now been resolved, we hope. We are both feeling drained and discouraged, and I am unable to be with Jeff as much as I want to, due to caring for Matt. Thanks for your prayers and for thinking of us! I have been praying for you each night and hoping that your sorrow is somewhat eased. I am so thankful you have a beach to walk on every day! Prayers across the miles – Cyber hugs too!

  5. It would be the pits to look forward to summer but not have flowers to enjoy. I haven’t much room at the condo but still give it a go. It’s the happiest greeting when you arrive home or depart for a busy day.
    We’ve been lucky enough to visit Salzburg Austria and totally enjoyed a ‘Sound of Music Tour’ that walks you thru town to all the important places in the movie. As you know, I just adore Julie Andrews, so it was crazy fun. It’s so pretty there, and natural.

    • Yes, in Salzburg I didn’t take the tour, but I got a big kick out of recognizing many of the scenes from the movie. As much as I loved Maria, I still think Mary Poppins was Julie Andrews’ finest hour – but I suppose it’s unfair to compare because, as Peter O’Toole said of his role as Lawrence of Arabia, “there will only ever be one of those.”

  6. merry

    Oh, Julia. I’m so sorry about the emergency surgery. You, Jeff and Matt is in my prayers during this difficult time. I do hope Jeff is feeling better this evening.
    thank you for the above quote by Edwin Curran. My father was an orphan and last name Curran. My daughter has traced our family tree but hits a wall in finding my dad brothers and sisters’ families. So thank, you for giving us another name. (Curran is a common name in New England) Blessings.

    • Thanks Merry – we really appreciate and NEED the prayers. That’s so neat about the name connection. Maybe you will find out more on the name from this source. I wish I had time to get into studying family trees – I think they are fascinating; not just mine, but everyone’s. It’s always fun to read about the distant relatives of people in the news. Thanks for being here!


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