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Jeff and Matt stroll along the water's edge at Acadia National Park, Maine, in September 2007

Jeff and Matt stroll along the water’s edge at Acadia National Park, Maine, in September 2007

“Nature has been for me, for as long as I remember, a source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and delight; a home, a teacher, a companion.”Lorraine Anderson

Whatever may be bugging you, I’ll bet it would be eased somewhat if you could manage a few moments to get away to a place without electronics, cars, concrete or advertising.  A vacation to a gorgeous national or state park may not be possible (although I highly recommend saving and planning for one as soon as you can) but surely you are near a spot of green somewhere.  A city park, a back yard, a pasture or forest, anywhere you can close your eyes and listen to birds and breezes, or open them and see grass, sand, trees or sky.

If you don’t have more than five minutes to spare today, do an online search for beautiful photos of nature.  You’re likely to come up with some pretty scenes, many of which may be set to music in an online slide show designed to give people a quick nature fix.  There is no more agreeable home, teacher or companion than God’s beautiful creation.  I hope you will enjoy at least a few minutes of it today!


  1. It’s really nice that your family enjoys the outdoors so often, together. I see that in so many of the photo’s you share. We’ve had non-stop rain in Alberta this June, in fact really terrible flooding in Calgary, but I do still try to enjoy a daily walk. Yesterday, I stopped to give a donut and coffee to a homeless man in the park. I thought it would cheer me, but it actually made me said. He’s there everyday. Well, it made him smile and that’s what counts plus my husband said he saw him eating his chocolate bizmark when he walked home from work 😀

    • Good morning Boomdee, thanks for telling me about your experience this morning with the homeless man. I know what you mean about feeling sad for him. It reminded me of an experience my younger brother and I had many years ago — too long to go into here — but I am glad you gave him the treat and saw his smile. If he is there every day I know it must be even sadder to see him, since a degree of anonymity would be gone and you would come to feel almost as if you knew him. But you made his day brighter, and that in itself is a wonderful thing! May that blessing return to you.

      • I intend to sit on my porch tonight. I sat out there this morning with my morning coffee. I was miffed by the construction going on right next door but tonight will be peaceful and I can try again in the morning as they don’t work on the weekends. Have a lovely weekend my friend.

        • Thanks Amy, you too!

  2. MaryAnn Clontz

    As I was filling the bird feeder, our resident Stellar Jay, who usually makes a huge mess & scares away other birds, decided that today he was hungry enough to fly right in while I was still outside. So, I sat down & tossed seeds & he ate w/ me watching. I was praising God for the delight He offered me! Then, I saw a family of waxwings next door. It was peaceful & joyful! Thank you for pointing out Beauty is close at hand!
    I love this photo! I want to be there on the beach w/ my Matt!

    • Thank you Mary Ann, I wish you had been there with us! I’m glad you had fun with the birds today.

  3. Sheila

    Julia, I wish all of these things for you! We are at Willow Tree camping so I feel like we have encountered so many of these blessings today. I know that we are so fortunate to enjoy the beauty of the ocean everyday. Friday evening finds us enjoying this little “spot of green” that really is our retreat. Your recent updates have been encouraging. I know prayers are being answered. Until tomorrow, Sheila

    • Thank you Sheila, I am so happy you are enjoying Willow Tree this weekend. We are so grateful for your prayers and friendship!

  4. Terri Wallacker

    Hi Julia,
    I couldn’t agree more. God has provided us with so much beauty and it does indeed ease our burdens if we but take time to enjoy it. I’m visiting my sister in Ketchikan, Alaska right now and today we hit the jackpot! Deer, bears, salmon and eagles….all within about an hour after finishing up our Beth Moore conference. What a day! Praying for you and your family, Julia. I love you blog and thank you for it. In Christ, Terri Wallacker

    • Oh, wow, that sounds incredible. Alaska is amazing that way, isn’t it? Thanks for your kind words about the blog, I am so happy you like it!


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