Unless we share

Sharing scenery and snacks in Venice, June 2008

Sharing scenery and snacks in Venice, June 2008

“…pleasure has no relish unless we share it.”Virginia Woolf

I’ve written a good bit about the joys of solitude, but enjoyment is almost always better when it is shared with others.  I think that’s one reason most people like traveling with companions; it’s much more fun when there is someone along who understands your excitement.

I believe blogging has taken off and become widespread because it gives everyday people the chance to share with others, and discover like-minded writers and readers all over the world.  It’s reassuring to find out someone else feels the same way we do about something, and energizing to discuss our enthusiasms among those with similar hobbies, beliefs or  interests.  The world seems friendlier and more connected when we share with each other.

Whatever you have planned today, I hope you make some time to share with someone in person, online or by phone or letter.  It’s a great way to divide the sorrows and multiply the joys!


  1. Terri Wallacker

    Loved this post! Thank you so much, Julia. Boy, you have a way with words and a nice helping of wisdom! God Bless you and the family today. Terri

    • Terri, thanks so much! I am always so happy to hear someone enjoys the blog. We appreciate hearing from you!

  2. Lovely photo!!! Hope we can get together for some sharing time soon. Love you all.

    • Thanks Amy, I hope so too!

  3. Sheila

    Julia, I love that phrase, “Divide the sorrows and multiply the joys.” When we least expect it, we often connect with someone. As I was saying good bye to a patient, I noticed she was reading Mary Alice Monroe’s new book. Say no more! She is a favorite of mine, so we chatted about the same books that we had enjoyed. I’m glad that you and I share some time everyday. It means a lot. Your friend,Sheila

    • Thanks Sheila, it means a lot to me too. I am not familiar with that author – I’ll have to look her up. I love talking with people about books. Thanks for being here, and for your friendship!

  4. Absolutely! I love the community I’ve built around blogging. Connections are what it is all about.

    • It’s so great to have a source of information that’s interactive, isn’t it? Thanks for being here!


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