An enchanted hour

My friend Darla's porch, seen here in May 2013, is a favorite spot, always decorated for the season!

My friend Darla’s porch, seen here in May 2013, is a favorite spot.
It’s always decorated for the season, including a big Christmas tree in December!

“An enchanted hour was filched from the hereafter and tossed into the lap of the present, as a foretaste of what is to come…A mystic world, into which we step as soon as we cross the threshold of the porch.” Ethelind Fearon (1946)

I don’t know why I have such a love of porches.  Perhaps it’s because of the screened porch of my childhood home, where we spent many happy hours eating watermelon and chatting.  Its metallic roof made such a wonderfully cozy sound during summer rains.

Or maybe it’s the mysteriously appealing “sleeping porch” of my Granny’s old house, the home where she was born sometime before 1900, and in which my father was also born.  That “sleeping porch,” which was actually more of a spare bedroom, seemed to be full of delightfully exotic trinkets from the past. Large screened windows that looked out on the back lawn ran the length of the walls.

Or maybe it’s the swing on the front porch of the home where Jeff grew up in rural Tennessee, where he and I spent many treasured hours in the quiet evenings, with only the sound of crickets and an occasional car passing by on the highway.

Whatever the reasons, I find porches irresistible.  I hope you have at least one to enjoy at present, or in memory.  Save me a glass of iced tea and a seat in the swing!


  1. Sheila

    Good Monday morning, and with such an enchanting blog to send us off, the week should be great. What a beautiful “all season” porch you have shared. I love Darla’s style. It seems to say,”Come sit right here with me.” Our favorite calendar is “Out On The Porch” and it is always my annual Christmas gift to family and friends. I decided years ago that was a great way to keep us on the same porch, even across the miles that separate us. In my southern way! Love, Sheila

    • Sheila, you would love Darla. She really knows how to enjoy life, and visiting her home is always a treat. She has restored and remodeled her home and it’s magical inside. She even has a little tea room! What you can’t see in this photo is the view of the York River that is visible from that swing. Darla’s house sits in the historic district on a hill overlooking the river and it’s gorgeous. I have had porch calendars a couple of years, and I love them. I do think of porches as a southern thing, since we have a longer season to enjoy them. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Carolyn

    Porch, swing and ice tea waiting, get well soon Jeff and bring the family to the Millers for a visit. Hugs and love.

    • Carolyn, this sounds great to me! I can’t remember the last time I visited that area and saw one of my favorite attractions, the “old man river!” Many fond memories from your neck of the woods; I’d love to make some more!

  3. No swing but you are always welcome in one of the rockers. Love you. A

    • Hopefully I’ll be there SOON!

  4. MaryAnn

    Sun tea is ready, tiny porch at current home: the size of the enormous hugs & the sound of our laughter will make up for the not-so-much-a-porch!
    Praising our Heavenly Father for the joy you possess in that beautiful brain, & you keep filling us up!
    Love, MA

    • Thanks Mary Ann, I have named you head cheerleader :-). I miss your big old Victorian house near the water but I know anywhere you live will be full of life. Thanks for being here!

  5. Larry

    I too remember the front porch swing. I remember the outlet in the wall without a ground plug. The steps leading up to that porch where many an evening was spent just sitting there talking, listening and watching the stars above. There is something special about small towns in Tennessee!

    • Yes, I remember the first time I ever went to Jeff’s home (in 1978) sitting in that swing with his Mom and looking through old photo albums. I remember the porch swing at Mama Ruth and Daddy Oscar’s house too, lots of happy memories!

  6. My grandma’s porch was the gathering place for our family when I was little. Aunts, uncles and cousins shared stories there during the hot months of summer. I can still remember dangling my barefeet from the porch while eating ice cold watermelon. Your words took me back there. Thank you.

    • Thanks Mechelle! Aren’t those memories wonderful? Ice cold watermelon in the summer can’t be beat. Thanks for sharing the joy.

  7. OMgosh, I would so love a home with a screened porch. I always have thought it’d be both sensible and welcoming. Sensible for the nasty summer mosquito’s we are plagued with at some point (not bad yet) and welcoming as it’s a place to decorate, lounge, read, swing, sip tea, great guests and even dine. It adds a special nostalgia to a home which can be hard to do in a new build. It’s also a great place to watch the neighbours go by and get to know your community. Darla’s porch looks adorable!

    • I have always wanted a screened porch but Jeff and I have never had one. Maybe someday! Darla’s whole house is fabulous that way, you would love it. I imagine she has a lot in common with Alys. She truly celebrates life on a continual basis, and has a way of making every day an occasion. I’m sure there will be more photos from Darla’s home featured here again. She spends very, very little time online so I had to tell her about featuring her porch, so she could go and see the post (I kept warning her that some of the many photos I always end up taking in her home might end up on the blog!)

      • I bet she was just tickled. Some people just have the knack to create a warm and inviting place. Can’t wait to sneak a peak at all the charm.


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