Children and dogs

Kevin and Molly: two of my favorites. O'Fallon, Illinois, April 2008

Kevin and Molly: two of my favorites. O’Fallon, Illinois, April 2008

“Children and dogs are as necessary to the welfare of the country as Wall Street and the railroads.”Harry S Truman

In fact, I’d say they are even more necessary. I’m so grateful for them!

One year ago today:

Unknown blessings

Pasha, this will be our first Thanksgiving without you.
Now and always, we miss you, but we’re thankful for your time with us!


  1. raynard

    Julia, my first dog we got a multese poodle( called a multipoo) named BJ, ( his dad is Buddy SR so I didnt want to call him Buddy JR) is more child like as he has gotten older.
    We adopted/rescued his playmate Oliver when his family wanted to”kick him to the curb next to the recycled stuff”.He is a Bichon. We have a “theme song for him. The Coomodores”Just to be close to you” He likes to be up under you like he was taken away from his mom too soon as a pup..”While I’m not that guy on TV called “The Dog Whisper”, you be surprised what you can do”with a look”& your voice when training a dog”.(Oh I just told you a”Ancient Chinese Secret” lol.BTY, If you still read alot , I recommend these 3 news 1 Drudge Report 2 News360 and 3 Flipboard. All 3 online and gather together articles with links from different sources.( no longer do I buy the morning paper or really watch the eveing news( besides they post everything online anyway. Be encouraged and blessed you and your family.( have to bake a strawberry /chocolate cake next week. I will keep you posted.

    • Strawberry chocolate cake sounds wonderful. Let me know if you are going to airlift any of it my way. From what little time I’ve spent with Bichons I agree with your song for BJ. The ones I’ve held were very cuddly and I remember thinking the term “lap dog” must have been coined for them. I love reading Drudge although I haven’t been over there in some time. I have not heard of the other sites but I’ll have to check them out. I still get the Washington Post, but they are piling up unread right now. They practically give it away if you subscribe, and since I’m a coupon clipper (when I have time) they pay for themselves, but I know I need to go to 100% digital just to keep from hoarding old ones and telling myself I’ll get to them “someday.” 🙂

  2. Ann

    Aren’t dogs wonderful!! Love the picture of Pasha eyeing the turkey😊

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it. He looks so cute/pathetic craning his neck that way to gaze on it. YES dogs are such a blessing!

  3. John M.

    Several years ago, we had a beautiful German Shorthair Pointer, Bella, that was tragically killed when she slipped her electric fence and was run over by a young kid going way too fast on our small residential street. So it was the oddest of odd when three weeks ago, we received a call from the friend we had gotten the pup from, informing us that Bella’s brother Bo needed a home. I told my wife about it, said she might want to go look at it to see if we were up for adopting a 4 year old male that would be co-master of the house with Lucy, the Cavalier (the very protective Cavalier!). When I returned from a business trip 2 days later, yep, you guessed it, Bo had taken up residence in our house, my sofa, my bed and everyone’s heart.

    As my pastor says, God and dog are too close in spelling for that to be a coincidence. Blessings to you as you approach your husband’s surgery date.

    • WOW, what a wonderful story! Thanks so much for sharing it. I am so happy that your family and Bo were there for each other when needed. I am afraid of electric fences for that very reason. I hope Lucy and Bo get along well. It seems to me that Cavaliers are becoming very popular in recent years – of course, they’ve always been a popular breed, but lately I seem to see them everywhere. I had a friend in California who had two of them, and they were so friendly and affectionate. I tend to agree with your pastor. I have come to believe that the close bond between dogs and humans was a divine plan, not an accidental evolution. Malcolm Gladwell has a fascinating discussion of the dog-human relationship in his book What the Dog Saw.

  4. Lynn

    Sweet Molly girl getting so old…. Love the photo!

    • Yes, I’ve been thinking about Molly a lot lately; she was about the same age as Pasha, so she’s lived a good long life. Kathy sent me a photo of her awhile back and I thought she looked beautiful. Speaking of getting old, Kevin is a bit too old (even in that photo) for a post on “children” but it’s a relative term! (no pun intended)

  5. I used the link to go back to one year ago today and this is how you can update your Blog to allow comments on older posts: Go to your Dashboard and choose Settings, then Discussions. Look at ‘Other Comment Settings’, is the number at ‘Automatically close comments after ?? days’ checked? You can either un-check it or change the counter to a higher number.

    I laughed at the photo of your dear Pasha minding the oven, oh I bet it smelled yummy in the house. I hope she got a tiny morsel, but you were smart to be careful of her diet. I was the enabler with Buddy and Jim was the smart one (as usual). As a grown up on my own, my first dog Jasper was my constant companion. A wonderful boy, he was loving and well behaved. Did you ever see that movie, ‘My Dog Skip’? That was Jasper and I 😀

    • Thanks for the info – I went back into my settings and that box was already unchecked, so I’m not sure what happened with the comments on that post. I don’t know whether it would still be blocked or not. I was still learning WordPress then (and still am now!) so there may be some other reason it didn’t work. I never saw “My Dog Skip” but someone highly recommended it to us. We just never have gotten around to watching it. Do you have any photos of Jasper on your blog? If so I can put him on my Pinterest “I love dogs!” page with Buddy and other stars.

      • Darn, who knows why you can’t get comments then, WP is weird sometimes.

        You’ll love ‘My Dog Skip’ but make sure you have a box of tissue handy.

        How sweet to ask for a photo of Jasper 😀 Here’s one from his adult years

        Here’s a post I did long ago. I should consider a rewrite, it’s when I first started and it could be vastly improved upon. Everyone’s new sometimes.

        • I didn’t have time to get to my comments earlier today, but I did post Jasper on Pinterest! What a sweetie! I loved reading about him, thanks for the link. I’m so glad you had his support through a very hard time!

          • ((( Julia ))) thank you, he sure did get me through all the nonsense. Have you seen this Pinterest? It’s so darn true.

            • LOVE THAT! I just re-pinned it on my quotes board!

  6. Sheila

    Julia, you have touched on two of my favorite subjects, children and dogs. This photo is really sweet, as is the photo of Pasha eyeing the turkey. I really don’t know if we can cook our Thanksgiving meal without Salty. We will, but it won’t be the same. I was glad to get the details of upcoming plans for Jeff and Matt, as well as update on the last few months. You know that our prayers and concerns cross the miles. Love, Sheila

    • Thanks Sheila, we do appreciate your prayers and friendship so much. Many of us in this blog community will be spending our first holiday season without our beloved four-legged family members. Last year when we got Jeff’s diagnosis we were too overwhelmed to do much at all for the Christmas season, except just rest. For only the second time ever (the first being in 1985 when we were out of town for Christmas) I did not do a Christmas tree. We did not really miss it, though; the quiet was a much-needed respite from the new chemo routine. Previously I had trees at both York and Alexandria, and Pasha used to love to lie under the tree in Alexandria (all the gifts took up too much room at York). It was his favorite spot for napping. I told Jeff the other day that if I had known it would be Pasha’s last Christmas with us, I would have put up the tree in Alexandria just for him, he loved it so. I have lots of photos of him under it – I will probably post one here. I know you will miss Salty so much! I will be thinking of you and all the others who said “good-bye” to loved ones in 2013.

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