A blissful perfection

George, Jeff and Matt take a ride on George's Gator. Russellville, Alabama, November 2011

George, Jeff and Matt take a ride on George’s Gator. Russellville, Alabama, November 2011

“There is a blissful perfection in even the smallest, most mundane facets of everyday life, and appreciating this is an important source of happiness…Humans adapt to any type of experience, but scholars suggest that we’re less likely to adapt to tiny pleasures because, by their nature, they are unexpected and different each time they occur.” -– Tammy Strobel

So that explains it!  I always knew small pleasures were magical, but I didn’t realize that part of their perfection lies in their seeming insignificance.  To put it another way, when we’re not expecting anything, we are often pleasantly surprised.  I wish you a season of the most blissfully mundane moments of everyday life, along with the recognition of their hidden riches.

One year ago today:

The true measure of our thanksgiving


  1. HarryS

    Seems to me that beauty is the bridge from my soul to Him!

    • Yes, I think that’s true. They say we often seek (and find) God in desperate situations, which can also be true, but what keeps us devoted is the bliss and energy that come with sensing the otherworldly origins of things too magnificent for human words.

  2. Unexpected gifts – I received one today.
    Today I held a workshop for our teachers. I was fully prepared, but still I was a bit apprehensive of how it would be received. Fortunately it went on well and the inspired teachers have come forward with their valuable suggestions. They have promised to reconsider and revamp their approaches for the benefit of the students.
    It has made my day and I am here, content and smiling 🙂 Hope you had a great day, Julia!

    • Wow, great work Bindu! Congratulations – and thanks for doing such an important job. When you help teachers, your work has a “ripple effect” that touches many more lives than you will ever know about. I am so happy for you! Thanks for sharing that story. It brings a smile to my face!

  3. Sheila

    Julia, your words this morning are my small pleasure to start my day. So much so that I’ve read them several times. I’ve often thought we enjoy “impromptu” maybe because it is simpler and just happens. Bill and I don’t require pomp and circumstance. Haha! I’m thinking of you this morning, hoping you’ll have a blessed weekend! 🙂

    • Thanks Sheila. I am so happy my words were good enough for a re-run! One summer night when my brother and I were young, Daddy was outside with us whittling little whimsical carvings from sticks and when we would ask what they were, he would answer “whatchamacallit” or “thingamagig.” We had such fun that evening, my mother said “those kids are so happy you would think they had just been to Six Flags.” Later (probably when Daddy was too busy) we asked him to come outside with us again and make some more little toys. He said to us “Those kinds of times just happen. They are magical and you can’t just make them happen whenever you want, you have to enjoy them when they surprise you.” Now maybe that was just a busy father’s way of getting his kids off his back, but I think there was a lot of truth in that and I have remembered those words often over the years. There are so many pockets of joy tucked away in each day. I never want to rush past them. Thanks for thinking of us! Hope your weekend is blessed, too! I’m sorry to be so late getting to these comments today. I’ve been trying to get some Christmas stuff done since I don’t know how much time I’ll have for it later.

  4. Patricia Soledade

    Julia, this morning several posters on Upper Room are wondering about you and yours. I also have had you on my mind for the last several days. Let us know how things are!
    In Christ I hope,

    • Patricia, thanks so much for letting me know. I have been intending for the longest time to get back over to UR – I always end up spending so much time reading the comments I’ve missed that I never seem to have the time to get back. I will try to check in tonight, even if only briefly (or probably in the wee hours of tomorrow, as is typical for me). I miss everyone in the UR family and will try to post an update soon. Thanks so much for thinking of us! It means a great deal, as do the prayers of so many which have been our rock in the storm.

  5. Small pleasures ~ kind connections ~ life is full of blessings. Thank you for being YOU! I honored you in my blog today ~ thank you again for the most beautiful cards! xoxo

    • Misifusa, I am SO HONORED you would write such a lovely post about my little “party favors” – it was truly a joy to send them out, and I wish I had had more time to spend getting them ready to send out. I was so very touched that you would remember me in such a generous way. Life is indeed full of blessings – thanks for being among them!!

      • I am blessed to have enjoyed your blog and I wanted others to know about your story as well. You touched our hearts right from the start ~ your kindness and cards are so appreciated. Thanks for being you! ♥

        • 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. raynard

    Julia I remember my first time on a riding mower. I started singing the theme song to that old TV show green acres lol.then the simple enjoyment of planting roses after many years of watching this old house..As I tell young people never be afraid to try, dream and fail.FYI they have package deal for people out of town who want to attend the Philadelphia Flower Show.We usually with a small group take the mass transit into Philly . Its cheaper and more convenient than driving.Oh a few people on UR asked about you.I told them to check the post office and the side of a milk carton or The Witness Protection Program lol. Be encouraged and blessed. Have a great day..

    • Hee-hee, I love the milk carton idea. I might see a familiar face there sometime! As for the Witness Protection Program, I’ve always thought that would be a good way to get free cosmetic surgery! Seriously, I will try to get over to UR tonight. We are having dinner with some friends who wanted to be with us before Jeff’s surgery. I will definitely check out the transportation options in PHL – I hate driving in cities because I don’t like to pay the parking!! When we went before, we parked out in the suburbs and took the mass transit in. I always feel much more at home in a place if I ride the public transportation. We do “local” things like go to the grocery stores, libraries etc. in addition to the tourist spots. You really get a much better sense of a place that way, I think. I hope to see you at Upper Room sometime before the weekend is over. Thanks for letting me know folks are asking. Elvis has not yet left the building!!!

  7. So far my mundane holiday includes cleaning the bathrooms and running the vacuum. I really am ready for the celebration part. 🙂 Seriously I love this photo. What a beautiful day they for cutting grass. Hope there was cider at the end. Love you.

    • Yes, either cider or hot tea or something my sister was cooking in the kitchen as I stood on the deck being lazy and making photos! Hey why don’t you come to my house to do the holiday prep – I can wrap presents while you vacuum! Just kidding – you might run screaming from our house if you could see it now. You are one of the cleanest people I know, partly because you have the skill of tossing things instead of trying to keep everything. I am working on learning that! Hope to see you soon. Love you too!

  8. LOL, yes ‘blissfully mundane’ that’s funny.

    I relish in mundane days. The kind when you can bum around and do whatever you want. Like today. I was in my craft room while Jim went shopping. I had the whole afternoon to myself 😀 and then he brought me home a Starbucks. The hidden joy was that he thought about me and what would put a smile on my face….hidden riches, the might seem mundane but we know they’re not.

    • That sounds like just my kind of day. My sister and I have talked before about how we love nothing better than having a day to “putter around the house” when there are no schedules or rushes or any pressure. Sometimes Jeff will surprise me the way you described Mr. B doing (Hey! did you mean to use his name? If not I can edit it out of the comments :-)) There is nothing mundane about “everyday life.” One blessing about the past year is that it has underscored my longstanding belief in that truth. In years past people have made fun of me because I get excited over the least little things. I secretly felt sorry for them when they did that.

      • OH, ha I guess I did use Mr B’s name..ha, no worries Julia, but thank you for offering.
        I actually have an art stamp that says, “It’s the little things that make life Big”. True that.
        I’m going to make something with it today, just to celebrate. Stay tunes 😀

        • Sounds like fun! Something tells me that I’ll be visiting Boomdeeadda for my “happy fix” often this week!

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