We need quiet

Our York backyard, still and beautiful after a snowfall, January 2010.

Our York backyard, still and beautiful after a snowfall, January 2010.

“Others inspire us, information feeds us, practice improves our performance, but we need quiet time to figure things out, to emerge with new discoveries, to unearth original answers.”Ester Buchholz

Of all the seasons, winter seems most linked with quiet; short days, long nights, the silence of snowfall and the calming blank canvas of its whiteness.  If you live where it’s cold at this time of year, take advantage of the weather’s call to solitude.  Settle in with a good book in a cozy room, sit down with pen and paper to write a letter or a journal entry, or bundle up for a stroll in the winter stillness.  Turn off the TV, the smart phone, the iPod; unplug and unwind.

Spring will be here soon enough.  Till then, take some time for daydreams.

One year ago today

Permit yourself the luxury


  1. sarvjit

    After every night there is a sunrise. After sadness there’s happiness. After winter there’s the season of joy, Spring.

    • Yes, I so enjoy anticipating the spring! I have already begun making garden plans 🙂 .

      • sarvjit

        That’s good. Best wishes.

  2. So true. I would not achieve much without these needed times of solitude & quiet. Thanks for the reminder.

    • You’re welcome! I hope all is well in your world. Thanks for visiting here!

  3. I need quiet time in my life and your peaceful backyard encourages it especially in that photo! 🙂 Cheers to peace! ♥

    • Yes, I am grateful to winter for slowing things down a bit each year and reminding me that “calm is beautiful!”

  4. Julia, good morning. Snow makes everything look calm and serene. Lovely picture.

    • Thank you Merry! Do you see much snow where you live? I have seen more of it since living in Virginia; obviously, we hardly saw it in California, Texas or Hawaii (though there are places in all three states where one can see snow).

  5. Your words are always soothing and relaxing…thanks for the blessing this morning. Have a wonderful day!

    • Thank you, Wendell, I’m so happy you enjoy the blog! Hope you have a great day too.

  6. Connie Reed

    This is why I love the winter so much. And, as you know, we do not get much of it here in Georgia. However, when we do, I welcome it with open arms. It usually comes at a time when our lives are flying by and we are rushing here and there and working hard just to get to that next weekend. That is when I always ask the Lord for a good snowfall, so we can all slow down and rest! As always, Julia, I enjoyed your blog! Take care of yorself and get some good rest!

    • Thank you, Connie! Yes, I remember how seldom we saw the snow in Georgia. Every inch was exciting, especially when school was closed! We too use our weekends as “collapse and rest” time. I’m so happy you like the blog – it’s a joy to have you visit us here. You take care too!

  7. LB

    Absolutely! This post is spot on! I’ve always been very social, always involved, laughing loudly … I really never needed quiet time until my wreck. Now I find that it’s a good thing.
    Enjoy this day, Julia!

    • Thank you! Today will be a mixture of quiet and talking (Matt and I have a meeting here at home today with Matt’s case manager and the director of a nearby respite agency). I’m enjoying the quiet while it lasts. 🙂 Like you I did not realize how much I needed quiet for many years. Now I relish it, but as with so much else, it’s easy to over do that too – so I’m working on staying in balance, an ongoing process! Hope you have a good day and a wonderful weekend.

  8. Wow, I can see why you’d need to relax in the winter, your yard is giant size. We would sure love to back onto forest but those properties are so expensive in Edmonton because they’re near the river valley and highly desirable. We are going to be taking this advice for the next couple of weeks, but not always relaxing. We hope to do lots of snorkelling and walking. I’m taking 3 books and may not be here daily 😦 but I will be thinking of you all xoK

    • We love our lot here – we had no idea when we bought this home that our property line went well past the picket fence, all the way to the creek. We had a lot of clearing to do though, and it was wild, wild, wild. I got a whopping case of poison ivy but I did learn to spot it from a mile away. I’m afraid we uprooted some of the rabbit habitats (no tears from Jeff on that one) but there are still plenty of them so I’m sure they just moved a few yards away into the bamboo groves. Enjoy your time away! I think it’s great (and even necessary) to take cyber-breaks now and then. That’s why I try to stay two weeks ahead with scheduling my blogs, so I can take days off, although I do try to get to the comments at least once a day. I hope you have a great time and when you return, the springtime will be getting closer and closer!

      • You’re so on the ball my dear friend, yet another thing I admire about you. I seem to fly by the seat of my pants. I’m so darn grateful to people who visit on a regular basis. Lucky, lucky me.

        I just bought a purse with a bamboo lining. The shop sold wonderful sheets too. I didn’t know you grew it in Virginia, that’s really cool. I can only imagine the work that goes on, it’s so nice to have that privacy though.

        We’re have the best time. I am trying to say hello along the way. In fact just posted a diddy….come on over for a laugh xoK

        • Boomdee, thanks for the tip – I just HAD to make time to go on over and see what you posted and WOW, that was quite a surprise at the end! Had me IN STITCHES (pun intended!) and it was a great way to close out a busy day with an early morning on tap tomorrow (unless the snow cancels it – it’s been snowing all day so it was doubly wonderful to see those Hawaiian scenes)! BTW the bamboo I referred to is just growing wild behind us. Most people hate it because it grows so aggressively, but I love it because it makes such a lovely privacy screen that stays green even in winter. Thanks for checking in from paradise!!

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