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A Huichol yarn artist in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, March 2004

A Huichol yarn artist in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, March 2004

“I want to thank anyone who spends a part of their day creating, I don’t care if it’s a book, a film, a painting, a dance, a piece of theater, a piece of music – anybody who spends part of their day sharing their experience with us – I think this world would be unlivable without art and I thank you.”Steven Soderbergh

I want to add a special thanks to those who create with great love, but without much notice or recognition; those whose art takes the form of everyday work such as crafts, meals, garments, or other useful expressions of caring, and those whose art will never bring them fame or wealth, but brings us all a richer existence.  Keep your creative spirit alive!  It is a gift from above.

One year ago today

Intense love

And a salute to three of my favorite online artists:

For a fantastic window on Latin America, visit Zeebra Designs and Destinations

To see stunning nature photography, visit Northwest Photographer

Bird lovers will be delighted to land at talainsphotgraphyblog


  1. sarvjit

    Creating anything with pure love is loved by God. It helps in innovation and purification of soul.

    • Sarvjit, I agree! I love Julia Cameron’s observation that God must love artists, since God is the greatest creator of all, and made us in his image.

  2. Michael

    Sad to hear about Phillip Seymour Hoffman, finest actor of my generation. Some of these creative types fly very close to the sun and some get burned when they do.

    • Mike, I too was so sad to hear about Hoffman’s death; he was one of my favorite actors, an amazing performer. I will never forget his hilarious role in State and Main, although most will (justifiably) remember him for his stunning performance in Capote. Here’s a nice tribute to him, among many others that give more details of his life. I was even sadder to read he left behind three young children. Addiction is vicious and heartbreaking.

  3. HarryS

    I followed the link posted for Steven Soderbergher and found absolutely nothing to his credit.
    Do you suppose he is an “angel unawares”? 🙂

    • Hi Harry, I can’t remember why I linked to the GoodReads quote (especially since they misspelled his name) but I assume that the author of the quote is director Steven Soderbergh, who made several movies I don’t care to endorse. Perhaps I didn’t want to imply that I recommend his films, or maybe I linked to the quote and meant to go back and check the spelling and find a better reference, but then forgot. I do think Soderbergh is interested in art; I read somewhere that he has done some paintings.

  4. Must learn more about this art form. Thanks for inspiring.

    • Bindu, they did these amazing yarn art pictures but my favorites were the bead art objects and pictures, made from tiny beads, which I wrote about in this post. It’s amazing to see the time and care that go into such works. I bought a tiny Christmas ornament made from the bead art. I love the vivid colors!

  5. Michael

    I did not see State of Mind or Magician? Did see, “Almost Famous” and enjoyed him in that Also “Talented Mr.Ripley.”
    One thing I learned in a class in Hawaii; only about one out of 100 persons ever kicks a heroin addiction.

    • I haven’t seen Almost Famous but I did see The Talented Mr. Ripley, and I really liked his performance in that. State and Main was really my favorite, though. It’s totally hilarious, and probably more true to life than might seem apparent. I’m glad some Hollywood people can laugh at the industry. Hoffman’s character was just perfect in that film, the innocent among wolves.

      Re: heroin addiction; I don’t doubt that statistic. Keith Richards’ autobiography gives a fascinating inside look at the drug, and talks about why it is so dangerous and how he survived years of being addicted to it. He makes it sound quite insidious, the kind of thing that you get pulled into easily without knowing how hard it will be to kick. I’ve seen enough people struggle with alcohol and tobacco that I don’t want to go anywhere near any addictive substance (except maybe tea and a little coffee). 🙂 I’m slowly managing to kick my sugar addiction.

  6. Hi nice reading your blog

    • Thank you Michael! Your photographs are lovely.

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