Different kinds of weather

This clip is from a short video I filmed on 3-24-13, when I don't remember it snowing.

This clip is from a short video I filmed on 3-24-13, when I don’t remember it snowing.

“In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.” Mark Twain

Until this year, I might have accused Twain of exaggerating with this statement.  Now?

Maybe not.

It’s easy to forget that last spring seemed equally erratic at the time.  I was searching my images of March 2013, and I found a short video clip of a snowfall that came to our York home (where there is normally much less snow than in the DC area) on March 24.  I took a screen shot from that video, which is shown above.  Isn’t it funny how tricky our memories can be?  I don’t remember last year having the same ups and downs of this year.

If it’s spring weather when this is published two weeks from the day I’m writing it (when it’s COLD and windy) let’s all rejoice!  If it’s not, let’s keep hoping…and if you’re fed up with snow by now, see the post linked below for a more colorful image of springtime.

One year ago today:

Something is afoot


  1. michael

    That quote would also fit Washington state weather with today’s forecast of today-intermittent rain and tomorrow -showers with some possible sun breaks. That is where we live; looking for a possible sun break. Please keep rescue workers in your thoughts and prayer i.e. Victims of mudslide. Some rescue folks have been injured and with rain the mud turns to quick sand. Very scary.

    • Michael, I will definitely pray for that situation. I admire those professionals who willingly put themselves in harm’s way to try to help others. I can imagine it would be very frightening. Thanks for letting us know about it. I’m sure many readers will be praying. Just as I am writing this Jeff mentioned a news story on TV and I watched some of the video of it. So scary.

  2. As I write this morning, I too am looking out at 10 cm of new snow, we’re getting a little but the maritimes are going to get just creamed *again*. Our weatherman advised down far as Boston will get hit by a *Massive* (his word) snow storm. So we’re all in it together. It’s probably true we gloss over previous years to think of this winter as ‘worse than ever before’. I can’t feel to sorry for myself when I see images of 15 foot snow piles in other provinces though. So I will bite my tongue and get my winter boots back out of the closet. My new shoes will last and last with a spring like this 😀

    • Hey, I just saw those new shoes recently – WOW what a perfect treat to look forward to. Oh no, I was hoping AGAIN that the worst of the winter storms were over for this continent! Even though I know my memory is faulty, I do think I’ve seen more snow this year than the rest of my whole life combined, except the years we lived in Ohio. Let’s all remind each other of this when the really hot weather hits us in a few month!!! 🙂

      • Deal! Dare I not say, “it’s too hot” or forever more there will not be liquorice at the movies. Pinkie swear xo Done. (I better not break this deal, movies would not even be worth going to without liquorice, LOL)

        • OK I’ll hold you to it! It’s an odd thing about me; when I’m really cold, I can’t imagine ever being too hot, and when I’m really hot, I can’t imagine ever thinking it’s too cold! But by now I know better, even if only in my head and not my heart. Bring on the sunshine!!!

  3. OH, LOL……..I just read your sidebar !! You totally need a T-shirt with that on it. HA

    • Yes, I’ve had that quote on my fridge for a couple of years now. So perfect!

  4. Sheila

    It really has been such a long winter here in South Carolina, too. Our temps are predicted to drop below 30* tonight with frost. I hate to whine but it’s time for Spring! For sure it will be appreciated! I sense that you’ve had a long day. Rest well! 🙂

    • Sheila, yes, it’s been a L-O-N-G day and I’m looking forward to a wonderful sleep! Oh, dear, FROST for you tonight? Let’s imagine sitting on one of those lovely porches in the calendar, on a nice warm 85 degree afternoon, drinking one iced tea after another! Sweet dreams!

  5. raynard

    Julia we had light snow the night before, the temps are still in the 20’s. but tomorrow it’s suppose to be 60 and raining for the next 3 days. Can you say”Road Trip/Are we there yet/ The middle of next month I am so gone headed down your way and “to infinity and beyond” I digress Be blessed

    • Raynard, I wonder what the biggest temperature spread in 24 hours has ever been? 40 degrees amazes me but maybe it’s been even more than that sometime? Road trip time will be here before you know it!! You might even get some good beach weather.

  6. michael

    The mud field is one mile square- if you can imagine- and up to 30 feet deep. Unfortunately,
    , some frantic relatives- whom have been told to stay away- are sneaking into the area and putting themselves in harms way. I might do the same if it was family member. Pretty horrible.

    • Oh my, I had no idea it was that large. I can’t blame the people who are sneaking in. It would be hard to stay out thinking that someone needs your help to survive. I guess the rescue workers just have more to deal with when people come in but it’s probably impossible to stop all of them. What a nightmare.

  7. You live in a beautiful place, Julia. I’m sorry this winter has gone on for so long. It’s been brutal all over the east coast and Canada. I hope the sun is out today.

    Love the Mark Twain quote. Actually, I like most of his quotes. And I love your blog.

    • Thank you Alys! I’m so happy to have you here. Mark Twain definitely had a way with words.

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