Fresh and new and beautiful

Grady makes an exciting discovery! April 2014

Grady makes an exciting discovery! April 2014

A child’s world is fresh and new and beautiful, full of wonder and excitement.  It is our misfortune that for most of us that clear-eyed vision, that true instinct for what is beautiful and awe-inspiring, is dimmed and even lost before we reach adulthood.”Rachel Carson

Grady wants us all to know that in our very own cabinets, we have some of the most fun toys ever invented.  They are called pots and pans.  And you thought they were only for cooking!

Today, I invite you to go through the day trying to imagine what the trappings of your everyday life must look like to a baby.  Doors that open are pathways to new worlds to explore.  Objects are to be experienced by all five senses; if they are silent, you can always bang them on something to access that particular sensory path.  Everyone who smiles at you is a new friend.

One year ago today, I posted a quote from Robin Williams about spring being nature’s way of saying “let’s party!” Babies are another way nature reminds us to celebrate.  I hope we can channel some of that wonder back into our minds to light up our days.

One year ago today:

Nature’s way


  1. Larry

    Great Grandmother loved the picture. What a cute smile! It’s hard to play with pots and pans without gaining attention, they just want to be banged on and their lids used as cymbals. You never know, this may be the beginning of an Atlanta Philharmonic conductor!

    • Could be! But one thing it’s already been the beginning of, is cabinet latches on all the cabinets! 😀 😀 😀

  2. raynard

    Julia, a simple project. Go on youtube and find a old sesame street video title” a little bit from the beginning. Take me back just like the 14 years I spent on my last job driving a truck. You know what got me through ” the tuff times and bad days? Hearing myself say “remember when you were 5 years old an dall you ever wanted to do was drive a big truck?,. T- 48 hours, dogs getting groomed today. Wife attending a 2 day conference. Van getting cleaned, fluids checks, bags packed.( oh dont forget the snacks.) . I will drop you a email about our route still want to “stop by Virginia Beach for a quick minute. be blessed

    • OK Raynard you asked for it – here is a link to maybe my favorite Sesame Street clip of all time. I loved it because Matt was born when Drew was only 16 months old, and I sang this song to both of them all the time as they were growing up. It felt so much like our family, right down to the wind-up swing and the shared room with a crib and a twin bed. This clip doesn’t have very good audio or video quality, but what it lacks in that it more than makes up for in the sweetness of the family scenes and the really great learning that is embedded into the words. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be watching my email to see if you are passing our way!

    • Raynard, enjoy your trip. Send us updates. Have fun and be safe…

  3. Sheila

    What a sweetie — no mischief there!😍 I remembered a grandson’s cabinet story that still makes me smile. Hewitt (at about Grady’s age) discovered my salad spinner. We spun imaginary salads for awhile for the spinning sound. Then we decided a few pieces of lettuce would make it so much more fun! Those salads that were never eaten were the best that I ever made. Enjoy Grady….. they are blessings!! ☺️

    • Sheila, what a great idea! I need to drag out my almost-never-used salad spinner next time Grady comes – maybe we could put marbles or something jingly inside for him to play with (although the idea of marbles scares me to death – CHOKE HAZARD!!! – maybe something bigger?). No telling what kind of fun stuff I have around that was just waiting for Grady to discover 🙂 – thanks for sharing your memory here!!

  4. Julia I just wanted you to know how much your blog helps me each day. I pray for you and yours always.

    • Cherie, thank you so much! It always brings me so much joy to hear that somebody is getting something from this blog. We really do need and appreciate your prayers. I’m really worrying about Matt being on amiodarone now and I keep asking God to grant me some peace about it. Thanks so much for being here!

  5. So, kids are the same everywhere. I remember how my kids were so fond of exploring the kitchen at that age that I had to lock everything up. Don’t know what they found exciting about those pots and pans. But kids’ world is so fresh and filled with excitement and the joy of discovery. Those ordinary pots and pans are much more to them, something beyond our perception.
    “Objects are to be experienced by all five senses; if they are silent, you can always bang them on something to access that particular sensory path.” – True!
    He looks so cute and mischievous 🙂

    • Thank you Bindu – I agree that Grady is cute AND mischievous! A great combination, especially from a safe distance. 😀 I remember once when Matt was a baby, a grandmother at church wanted him to sit on the front row with her and I was afraid he would make too much noise or be too busy during quiet times. She told me not to worry, she had a few tricks up her sleeve. Unbeknownst to me, she had a purse full of plastic kitchen containers, spoons, etc. which kept Matt busy AND quiet for an hour, while I was able to sit and enjoy church in peace. Babies seem to have radar for “adult” things and find them fascinating from the beginning; handy for saving money on toys, which seem designed to appeal to adults as much as to kids!

  6. Thats why being a grandparent is so very special because we have the time to think about those magnificent new humans in front of us and process a little bit of what they are experiencing. We can give them opportunities for fun that their poor sleep addled and deprived parents can’t even contemplate. Age and early childhood belong together. They have SO much to teach each other 🙂

    • That is so true! I love your last two sentences – maybe I will use them as the quote for a post sometime. 😀

  7. Julia, Hello. what an adorable g-son. 🙂 He’s so cute and reminds me of mine…when they were that age! I have four g-sons, the youngest just finish his first year of college. But he still gives me big hugs and smiles.
    Enjoy every minute with Grady. (remembering Matt in prayer).

    • Thank you Merry! Four grandsons, you are blessed indeed! I hope Grady will still be giving hugs and smiles when he is in college. Thanks so much for your prayers for Matt, it has been such a joy just being home with him. I thank God I don’t have to go to work and leave him right now.

  8. Oh, reading your reply to Merry too, Yay Matt! Welcome home 😀 That’s such great news Julia xo

    Grady looks like he’s found a pot of gold in your cupboard. I remember younger cousins going into the cupboards too. I guess some things are a given at that age.

    We always have rabbits bouncing around in our complex You can’t go for a walk without seeing a few. They actually have a little hole they sit in, right out my window. The kitties get really excited when they spot one on the move. I actually get pretty excited too and headed out yesterday to crawl along in the grass, commando style, to get some good photo’s. I think the everyday can be exciting, if you take time to enjoy these little things. I’m pretty sure a bunny on the lawn would thrill Grady too xoK

    • Boomdee, it’s so funny you mention the bunnies – Jeff just pointed one out to me the other day, and I was planning to feature it in a post I’m writing this afternoon! 🙂 We are on the same wavelength! I would love to see P & B watching the rabbits. Pasha used to be beside himself watching the squirrels. I always said that the window was his television set!

  9. Carolyn Miller

    Love the picture of Grady, he is growing up to fast. Kids love to play with pots and pans. I have pictures of David playing with them and one of him inside of the cabinet playing. Precious pictures and wonderful memories. I hope that the boys are feeling good and staying out of trouble. How long will Jeff be on chemo? My big day is Thursday,eyes, and I pray we will have the go for surgery.I will keep you posted. Love and hugs to all.

    • Carolyn, isn’t it fun how babies love things like that? I posted some more Grady videos on Grady’s page; he is growing fast!

      I will be thinking of you this week and praying your are able to go ahead with your eye surgery. You have been so patient! Jeff and Matt are doing well and hanging in there. Not much planned on the medical front for the next few days – a welcome relief! Have a great weekend. Love to you and Terry!

  10. Michael

    He looks like trouble- in a good way. I am sending you pict from Joyce’s graduation from General Seminary.

    • Hee-hee, that’s a good description of Grady; he is delightfully active and I’m so thankful for that. The photos are lovely, thanks for sending them and Congratulations to Joyce!

  11. MaryAnn

    What a delightful smile: seems to be asking us; “Did you know how much fun these ‘treasures’ bring to me?”
    In my kitchen, there was a drawer especially set up for the youth minister’s children. The adults were surprised when their daughter went straight to “her” spot, since my kids were grown & my grandchildren were not yet born . To me, it seemed so natural because Mother had one in her kitchen for “babies” to explore! Mine added a special touch for many happy years.
    (I have not been at the computer for a while, but I had to comment on the JOY I see here!)

    • Thanks Mary Ann! I just love that face Grady is making in the photo. It makes me happier just to look at it. I’m not surprised to learn of your special drawer – you have always had a 6th sense for how to make kids happy. It’s why your hubby called you “a wind-up toy for kids!” I hope you will get to meet Grady someday. Nice to have you back online!

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