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A dog riding the bicycle by Takato Marui, Osaka, Japan. Via Wikimedia Commons, Licensed under CCA 2.0

“A dog riding the bicycle” by Takato Marui, Osaka, Japan.
Via Wikimedia Commons, Licensed under CCA 2.0

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.”
— W.R. Purche

Years ago I saw an adorable cartoon that showed a little puppy excitedly informing his friends, “Guess what everyone? I am the world’s best dog! My human just broke the news!”  The older dogs are looking at one another with awkward expressions and one says, “Who wants to tell him?” I searched the internet in vain for that cartoon. I really wanted to share a link to it here, because it went so perfectly with this quote.

I couldn’t find any information on W. R. Purche, either, except links to this quote.  It would appear that he or she is known mainly for having said or written that thought.  Aside from possibly substituting the word “pet” or “animal companion” for the world “dog,” I would have to say it’s definitely true.  I know we had the world’s best dog, and I bet you did too, if you were fortunate enough to have one.  If not, maybe you have the world’s best cat or bird or hamster or turtle.  Lucky us!

One year ago today:

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  1. Wow that dog is pretty cool! Its funny 🙂 but I feel too they really a good companion:-)

    • Thank you, Madonna! We have lots of animal lovers here so I just had to feature that photo when I discovered it online. Animals can be wonderful friends. Thanks for visiting here!

  2. singleseatfighterpilot

    Well, thanks for ruining it for the rest of us! I wish nobody had ever told me 😦

    • Aw, but remember, “none of them are wrong.” Sort of like with parents and children, each of us gets the very best in the world! Isn’t it great how it works out that way?

  3. Ann

    Well, I certainly have the world’s best dogs😃😃. Love the photo and the quote. Thanks for the early morning smile.

    • Ann, I just knew you must have the best ones! So many of us here have fantastic animals as part of our families. I’m glad the bicycling dog brought a smile to your face, as it did to mine. ❤

  4. Although we adopted Jack 4 months ago, he only recently decided to adopt US. For whatever reason a full bloodied Boykin Spanial ends up a stray, picked up by animal control, and claimed by no one is beyond me. So as not to offend the 4 Boykins that were the BEST before Jack, I’ll just say that he’s the best ‘Rescue Dog”. 🙂

    • Sheila, it sounds as if Jack is a dog of very high standards. I’m sure that he was just making certain he got the family he had requested. You must have been a “special order.” BTW for several weeks now I have been saving a cartoon to send to you that made me think of Jack — I will have to get it in the mail soon. I’m so glad you have the new winner of the “best dog” title – Salty is a very tough act to follow. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Kelly just made the most adorable little video of Siddy talking – as he IS the best puppy in the entire world you must check it out as soon as you can! 🙂

    • Pauline, I could not get the video to play! I keep getting a message that it has been removed from Facebook?! I’ll keep trying as I definitely want to post the video here – the BEST DOG in New Zealand as well as the whole world! He was so much fun on Skype.

      • I did something wrong when I was trying to save it Julia 🙂 I just re-saved it to Orlando’s fb page and tagged you – it should work this time.

        • Hi Pauline, thanks for the re-do. It seems the problem is some sort of incompatibility with my version of Flash Player. I read online that it’s common for it to not work in certain programs until it is tweaked in some way. Probably I need to download a patch of some kind. But I shall not forget to do it! Talking dogs are so much fun, and a talking Siddy would be the best of all! I will check with K to see if she has the video on YouTube – if so, I could embed it in this page or at least post a link for those who aren’t on FB.

          • That would be great – it is so funny and clever!

            • Pauline, still no luck! I re-installed Flash Player and even tried sharing the video to my own page, but it won’t play and all I can see is a black screen. Alys, if you see this, do you have any tips for me? I have to hear what Siddy is saying!!

              • Julia have you gone straight to Petal’s page and tried there? I had a version that wasn’t working and I got the original again and it worked – otherwise I have no clue – and I’m really sorry, this is most frustrating!

                • Yes, I tried it from various places. But next I’m going to try a new browser. I’m not giving up! 😀

  6. Over time, I had two dogs, a few cats and a parakeet. I too felt they were the best. I suppose that’s true, because they were mine.

    • Isn’t it nice how it works out that the animals we adopt are perfect for us? I don’t know whether they get used to us, or we to them, or both, but it’s a great blessing that we all really do have the best.

  7. That’s a wonderful picture. Reminds me of my little Pepper who would ride on my bicycle too. She had her back feet on my thighs and her front feet on the handlebars. Fond memories…

    • That sounds even cuter than this photo! I hope you have a picture of it somewhere. Dogs really do leave pawprints on our hearts, don’t they?

      • I have one picture from when I was about 12. Her paw prints are permanent 😉

        • How lucky to have had such a sweet friend at an age when ALL kids really need one. I’m glad you have the photo as a keepsake.

  8. So true Julia, so darn true. A dog will go out of it’s way just to be with you. Even at their own discomfort. Whether it be because you’re out on a warm day and they want to walk with you. Or maybe you’re going for a drive and they don’t like the car but don’t want to be left behind. Or you’re heading out on the bike and the only room is a tiny basket so they stand. Dogs are born with the innate sense to make you feel like the most important person that was ever born, no wonder we love them so very much. Now if humanity would just keep up with their evolution, how much more love and peace would we know? xo PS, Great image too! xoK

    • I often said, and I really believe, that I had more eye contact from Pasha over the years than I have ever had from any human being. Dogs look at you so earnestly, so into whatever you are doing at the moment. You hit the nail on the head; they make you feel like a VIP. YES we humans have much to learn from their devotion and affection — to say nothing of their ability to enjoy life!

  9. raynard

    Julia I have 3 dogs now. I would ” have to get a bike with a basket on it like”The wicked Withc from the Wizard of Oz:.( But then I would attract attention with” My Pee Wee Herman Suit on breaking out in that dance” Dont get me started on a yellow badanna a platform shoes with fish tanks in the bottom lol

    • Three dogs! How fun!! Do they get along with each other? I didn’t see the movie with the aquarium shoes, but some of the ones I’ve seen on actual people are almost as outlandish.

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