This is a favorite part of my walk all year round, but especially in fall.  Yorktown, November 2008

This is a favorite part of my walk anytime, but especially in fall. Yorktown, November 2008

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”George Eliot

The scene pictured above is one of my favorite places in our neighborhood.  There is a pond just to the left, where you can’t see it in the photo, but one hardly notices it for the trees that are beautiful all year round.  They look gorgeous in spring when they flower, and cool and shady with green in the summer, but I love them best in the fall.

Eliot wouldn’t have to be a bird to fly nowadays, but she probably couldn’t seek successive autumns even if she was still on earth today.  She’d likely be too busy with the responsibilities of day-to-day life to indulge her fall fantasies.  But she could fly about in cyberspace for a few minutes every day, and hear about the delights of the season all over the world.

It’s fun to reflect on her words and realize that the magic of autumn has captivated human hearts and minds for hundreds of years.  If you identify with Eliot’s love of this season, pull up an imaginary chair and have a chat with her about what she might see if she could visit your home during her favorite time of year.  She has left behind some vivid descriptions of fall for us to enjoy.  Your turn now!

One year ago today:

Wild with leaves


  1. Good morning, Julia! Those trees look a little like 2014 trees – but they must be larger this year!
    Last night I got a text from my son that included “I love fall.” I smile and indulge myself thinking, “oh, he gets that from me” (as I like to do when observing any of his finer traits).
    Have a super Sunday!

    • Susan, OF COURSE he gets his finer traits from you! And maybe a few from his father too – such as good taste in women. 😀 It’s funny about trees and shrubs – if I didn’t have photos, I would not realize how much they grow from year to year. When I look back on the photos I took ten or even five years ago, it amazes me. The neighborhood association does a good job of keeping the crape myrtles cut down to size — it used to really worry me when they would cut them back so severely, but the blooms are always glorious. I think those must be pear trees in the photo today. We spent almost an hour this afternoon with the landscaper, picking out replacements for our severely overgrown hollies that we had to remove. Camellias with various colors and bloom times, azaleas with variegated foliage and/or bloom colors, mountain laurel, roses, and a plum tree or japanese maple – these are some of the ideas we had; we’ll see what they come up with. Hope you’ve had a nice weekend and will have a great week ahead!

  2. Carolyn

    Hope you all are doing well, we are good. Today has started out beautiful , nice and very cool, sun not out yet but suppose to be very nice. Waiting to leave for church and when I get home I have a date with my porch and coffee or tea. How are things going with Jeff? Take care, hugs to all.

    • Carolyn, things are beautiful here; wish we could be together for that porch date and hot mug. You can join Sheila and me at CLUB VERANDAH anytime in your imagination! Jeff is feeling well now that he’s been off chemo for awhile. There is pretty well consensus that after four courses of it, he needs to be looking at other treatment options. At our request, they are sending him to Sloan-Kettering for a consult with a doc there who specializes in treating the lung tumors. We’ll see what he recommends. There’s an interesting NIH study that might be right for Jeff (involving, as I understand it, genetic manipulation of his own T-cells to enable them to fight the cancer) but we want to have an outside opinion weighing in, and the team here seems supportive of that. Hope you and Terry have a lovely week!

      • Carolyn

        Thanks for the up date. I’ll be praying that the doctors will find the right treatment for Jeff, glad he feels better. I have two weeks before my six month check up . You all take care and prayers are going up for all. Love and hugs.

        • Thank you Carolyn. Jeff looks and feels so much better when he’s not on chemo. It’s hard to imagine that it could be the right thing to do at this point, and the doctors seem to agree. We just hope one of these clinical trials will turn out to be the right one for him, and/or that the lung tumors will stay at bay for awhile without any treatment. It’s so nice to have a relatively normal schedule for awhile. Hope you get a stellar report from your check up. You looked so good recently that I am hoping for rave reviews. Love to you and Terry.

  3. You’re such an amazing and thoughtful writer Julia.

    • Thank you Alys! I appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

  4. Julia, Happy Fall. Beautiful fall picture!
    I’m propped up in my recliner, recovering from a broken hip. I’m missing my walks and I know the tree along my street are changing colors…and I’m missing them.

    • Oh, no – did I know your hip was broken? If so, I’d forgotten. If it had to happen, I wish the timing would have been a bit later, so you’d be missing the COLD winter. We will have to make sure you take some vicarious walks through these blogs. One of my favorite places to take a virtual stroll is through the English countryside, courtesy of Julia Livesey at — she has some wonderful dogs that always make the walk lots of fun!

  5. Julia, we are back in Garden City after a relaxing weekend camping at Willow Tree. Our fall color here is seen in the marsh grasses turning yellow. It’s subtle but it does accompany the cooler temps. 🙂 I’m overdue in getting a package off to you as well. Will you be in Alexandria this week?

    • Yes, we plan to be here until Friday. We have work going on at BOTH places right now, so we are back and forth a lot. At least Jeff and Matt aren’t being “worked on” right now, so we thought we’d better seize the chance. I so love the way the sunshine looks through those golden grasses. We have some pampas grass in the York neighborhood and I photograph it almost as much as I photograph the crape myrtles. It would be even prettier if we had a sandy beach to go with it.

  6. raynard

    Julia, I can come thru your town and sing that old Sesame Street song” Who are the people in your neighborhood.( minus the butcher, and the baker with supermarkets having those deli/bakeries sections now.. Be blessed

    • Raynard, I love that old song! I guess we do need to replace some of the people with more up-to-date professions. Let’s see, we could add a computer tech expert, a life coach, a fitness trainer, and a Homeland Security Airport guard. OH YES – how about bloggers? 😀

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