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Matt Blackbeard with Rapunzel, Judy Jetson and Mickey Mouse, Halloween 1992.

Matt Blackbeard with Rapunzel, Judy Jetson and Mickey Mouse, Halloween 1992.

“I don’t know that there are real ghosts and goblins, but there are always more trick-or-treaters than neighborhood kids.”  — Robert Brault

Giving out candy on Halloween is almost as much fun as trick-or-treating.  I don’t know which I enjoy most, seeing my cute neighbors in their costumes, or seeing all the people I don’t recognize who always materialize at the door, year after year, and trying to figure out if they look familiar.

Whether you are out collecting treats or staying home providing them, I hope you will have some memorable visitors this year!

One year ago today:

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  1. Sheila

    Julia, I know if a “50’s housewife” appears at my door it’s granddaughter, Emmaleigh. I can’t believe that’s a COSTUME now, much less that you have to purchase it. 🎃🎃 I hope you have much fun and even more leftover candy.👻👻

    • Wow, what’s there to buy? A house dress, an apron and a fly swatter? Or maybe a pack of Kent cigarettes, a Frank Sinatra record and a can of Aqua Net hairspray? Pretty soon, I’ll be able to go as myself! Wait a minute, maybe I already can…

  2. Unfortunately we live in an area where we’ve gotten one trick-or-treater in the last 7 years! But, I do have fond memories of neighborhoods filled with so many that we’d go through at least 10 bags of candy. Have fun Julia! I’ll be expecting a report.

    • Alan, it turns out that we are likely to miss ALL the trick or treating tomorrow night, because we may be on the road then 😦 – but there a lot of pictures and a report from last year’s festivities, that are part of the blog post from last year that will be linked at the end of tomorrow’s post. I’m hoping we will get to see at least a few kids getting ready for the parade that will start before dark. We have lots and lots of kids around here, which makes life fun.

      • Anon E. Moose

        Please tell Jeff his meddlesome brother-in-law reminds the need for extra caution driving at such a time. Examining despair, I cannot imagine hitting a child.

        • I had already reminded him of that very caution. Mainly I was hoping we might get lucky and see a few en route, but it also brought to mind that we will need to be extra extra careful.

  3. Beth

    Julia, I was dressed as an aging middle-aged grump. Against type cast of course! 🙂

    • Beth, your comment reminded me of that part of the Charlie Brown Halloween cartoon where Lucy says one should always choose a costume that is the exact opposite of one’s personality, and then dons a hideously ugly witch mask. 😀 I might have to borrow your costume idea for next year — it occurred to me that I happen to have a closet full of clothes that would be PERFECT for the role!! Not to mention numerous props (use your imagination). 😀

  4. I love everything about Halloween. I too enjoy seeing all the little ones dressed up at my door. It’s fun giving out treats, though this year I gave little bags of pretzels instead of candy. I hope they were a hit.

    The photo of the kids dressed up is a delight. Fun to see what was ‘in’ at the time. Judi Jetson! Who didn’t want to look just like her??? Your boys are adorable, too.

    • Thank you Alys! I thought about getting the pretzels too, or maybe one year giving out pencils and other non-candy treats. Probably your pretzels were a nice change of pace. Besides, they’re really good with chocolate!

      • LOL. Everything is good with chocolate. That’s my problem. 🙂

        • Alys, my problem too — but it’s such a SWEET problem to have!!

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