Where everything is free

This New England candy store looks almost as enticing as a library. September 2012

This New England candy store looks almost as enticing as a library. September 2012

“The library is like a candy store where everything is free.” ― Jamie Ford

Only it’s better than that, because books won’t rot your teeth, cause blood sugar problems, spoil your appetite for healthy food or make you gain weight you don’t want to gain.

Not that candy will necessarily do any of those things, unless you love it as much as I do, in which case it’s hard to avoid eating too much. So I don’t buy a lot of it. But even when I don’t buy anything at all, I love candy stores. They are bright and colorful and full of interesting possibilities and undiscovered treats.

So are libraries. I almost always feel happier instantly just by walking into one. The fiction section is full of intriguing stories I’ve never read. The nonfiction section is full of helpful hints and good advice and travel tips and countless opportunities for learning, just waiting to be discovered. Whether I’m looking for the magic of make-believe or the inspiration to improve a skill or increase my understanding of something, the library makes me believe almost anything is possible.

If you don’t like traditional books, no worries. There are DVD movies and music CDs and downloadable audio books and magazines and sometimes even things such as garden tools or Kindles or toys to check out. And yes, it’s all free (not counting the local taxes you already have to pay anyway).

So drop into your local library and indulge! I wish you sweet discoveries and fabulous finds.


  1. MaryAnn

    The library has always been a favorite of mine! Most days, walking home from high school, I would stop by to check out another Clara Barton book! Such great memories! As an adult, the library was & still is an escape for me. My son, Shane, knew me so well that when he was in jr. high, he was able to track me down, found me snuggled up with a book at the library! I read a lot & love learning new words. Thanks, Julia for a walk down memory lane!

    • How cool that you liked to read about Clara Barton. She was a hero to me, too. I used to love those “biographies” that were loosely based on the childhood of various famous people, true to what little documentation existed about the early years for most of them. Quite fascinating and my favorite series when I was in elementary school. That cracks me up about Shane tracking you down in the library. A woman after my own heart!

  2. Julia, hello. Libraries are my favorite place to visit.

    • They say great minds think alike! ⭐ 😎 ⭐

  3. Dorothy Walker

    I have rarely entered a library since moving to the Blue Mountains! However, I travel a little over an hour each way to the school I give piano lessons twice a week, so fit in quite a lot of reading. Twice a week the library comes to the station, Book Express, with books, CDs, magazines etc to be borrowed. I usually browse the Internet to choose books and just love it when I am the first to read a new title acquired by the library. It’s almost as good as entering a library itself! Hoping you and your family are all doing well at present. Dorothy

    • How wonderful that you have a traveling library! When I was a little girl (kindergarten age, though I didn’t go to school) I remember being SOOOO excited about what we called “the library truck” (a van filled with books). Then on the central coast, and again in Hawaii, the kids were able to have the library visit them via mobile van AND they also got frequent trips to the actual library. You’re right, it’s almost as good as the library itself, especially now that it’s so easy to request specific titles. Plus the novelty of the mobile library is always fun. Thanks for your good wishes. We are doing pretty well, all things considered. I try not to think too far ahead. Our grandsons add many smiles and much joy to our lives.

  4. Sheila

    Good morning, Julia. ☕️ I know I would like going to the library, since I love Books A Million so much! Maybe Bill and I should do that and enjoy it together, retired! I really like to have a “real book” to read rather than my iPad or Kindle. Now, about the candy store….sweets have come a long way! I just read that candy corn is available in “Brunch” flavors at Target stores! Just pass the peanut butter M&M’s! 😉 Hi to Jeff and Matt, and your Momma! 🙏

    • Sheila, in my estimation, peanut butter M&M’s are PROOF that candy has indeed come a long way. I never heard of brunch-flavored candy corn, but if it’s as good as the original, it’s bound to be wonderful. I’m not sure what your local library is like — some are much better than others — but ALL are worth “checking out” (no pun intended) because you can go online and request almost anything for convenient pick up there. I never met a book format I didn’t like. Hardbacks, paperbacks, Audiobooks, Kindle, Nook…to say nothing of textbooks and magazines. When I think about all these wonderful options, the six-year-old in me is thrilled and feels totally RICH!! Hey, how bout this gorgeous Verandah weather??? I love this time of year. Giant autumnal hugs! ❤

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