Spring emerges

I didn’t miss it! The plum tree in bloom at our York home, March 2019

“As a child I used to think that spring happened suddenly.  Now I know that spring emerges gradually, as new as dawn—and as old.”June Masters Bacher

We had some unseasonably warm weather a few weeks back, and because of that (and OK, maybe because of what the ground hog said) I was expecting an early spring. But it’s just now starting to arrive. In past years, I’ve seen daffodils as early as February, but not this year. However, I’m happy to say that there now are definite signs of spring at our York home.

In early March I had noticed the plum tree just starting to bud. I was dismayed because I knew I would be away for 12 days and was afraid I’d miss it. But I didn’t! As you can see in the photo above, it is just now blooming, with none of the petals having dropped to the ground yet. Like many fruit trees, it has a short bloom time so I felt lucky that I caught it looking so pretty. Here’s what the flowers look like close up.

The delicate structure of a flower never fails to fascinate me.

The daffodils are blooming, too! Here’s a shot of some in the front yard. the ones around the trees and mailbox are the bright yellow monochromatic kind, and they haven’t appeared yet. I love any kind of daffodil.

These are always the first to appear each year.

Since it’s still cool, the last of the camellia blooms are still visible here and there, but clearly fading..

A few camellia blooms overlap with spring flowers– the best of both seasons.

These were growing near the ground, so I cut them to bring inside.

Indoors, they add such cheer to my days!

As Bacher says, spring emerges gradually…especially when one is waiting for it as eagerly as I always do. How about you? Are you seeing signs of spring– or in the southern hemisphere, of fall? Send us a seasonal snapshot– in words or an actual digital photo, if you can figure out how to upload it–and let’s welcome these blessings that are “as new as dawn– and as old.”




  1. Chris

    Hi Julia,
    Same here. We had a relatively warm week two weeks ago; then, back to normal temperatures. Love the springtime blooming of flowers, trees, whatever! Your camellias are pretty!
    Hey, I posted a comment last week about the houses we grew up in. I noticed today that it was not on the list of comments last week. Don’t know what happened. Just so you know, last weeks blogpost was one of my favorites! I have some fond memories of my childhood homes.
    You and Matt have a great week!

    • Chris, thanks for letting me know about that comment. I went back and searched my spam filter and there it was. (I responded and it should appear on that post now.) Who knows how it ended up there, but from time to time, someone who should be well known to the software will end up in the spam filter. That’s why I scan over all the spam before deleting it. So I’m glad you let me know to go looking for it.

      I hope that you are getting some warm days now, after what Mama used to call “blackberry winter.” It’s quite chilly today but I put some of my plants outside in a show of confidence that we are past freezing temperatures. I hope I don’t regret it!

      • Chris

        Thanks Julia. Glad you found me in the SPAM box. 😦
        I hope you’re not being over zealous. Ha! It’s been in the 40’s the last two nights here. I do think we’ve seen our last freezing night though, so we’re “boldly” going forward too. Plants came out on the porch this past weekend!
        Have a wonderful evening.

        • Today was way too cold for my taste, but it was the rain that made it really gloomy. I’m hoping for sunshine tomorrow!

  2. I saw my first daffodil this weekend. Spring has come – the earth is waking up!!!

    • Isn’t it wonderful? Worth celebrating!

  3. raynard

    Julia as I leave my job and look over at the Nemours Mansion and Gardens, Going to try to convince Mary we should have a day trip over there. Better yet if add in there Longwood Gardens and the Winterthur Museum ” a trifecta of ” The Dupont Story will be accomplished. But wait, my wife is on a ” Super Sabbath” so getting her out the house on a Saturday “is like me going to a mall( you know I ” don’t do malls”I digress. But in case it does happen, I will do a live video or send you pictures. It was 78 degrees last Friday and today it was 37 this morning. Is it me or was the Groundhog spotted ” walking like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever wearing a man bun sounding like Alvin and the Chipmunks? I digress . Happy almost Spring…

    • Raynard I think you nailed it on the Ground Hog. That DuPont trifecta sounds like a plan to me. I’ve read about those gardens and they sound wonderful. Not familiar with the museum but I always like such places and sometimes the less I know about them going in, the more interesting it is when I get there. Happy Almost Spring to you and Mary, too! 😀

  4. Linda Blackford

    Beautiful pictures, Julia! Thank you for sharing your springtime with us!

    • Thank you, Linda! I’m happy you enjoyed the photos.

  5. Susan

    Julia, how gorgeous! I have that same Irish vase 🙂 . My hyacinths are just starting to sprout in some places and open in others. Some crocuses too. Spring doesn’t last long enough here in NoVA so I try to enjoy it while it’s here. (I received your card and note — very thoughtful — thank you!)

    • Susan, that Irish vase was a gift from one of the nurses with whom I worked in the neurosurgery department, while Jeff was in school at UT. She had gone to Ireland on a 3-week bicycle tour (for which she prepared months in advance by doing endless biking) and since she had to pack so lightly, I was honored that she brought me back anything at all. I’m guessing you may have gotten yours while you were in Ireland? Glad you got the card. Yes, spring is the ultimate example of how important it is to “seize the day!” 🙂

      • Susan

        Oh, that makes your vase even more lovely — the thought and memory behind it. My husband bought me the vase for our anniversary after our trip (our honeymoon was in England and Ireland). The one thing I bought for myself on last summer’s trip was a pair of Aran knit gloves and I feel so happy every time I put them on. I have a Waterford crystal advent wreath that my parents brought back from their trip to Ireland, so that is special.

        • I just love Waterford. I have several of their annual Christmas ornaments which Jeff used to give me each year on our shared late-November birthday. Wow, I bet a honeymoon in England and Ireland was super romantic. I have never been to Ireland but it’s near the top of my “must see” list!

  6. Sheila

    Good morning, Julia. Spring is in the cold air this early morning, but I’ll love it anyway! Your flowers are so beautiful and I’m so glad your plum tree waited on you to bloom. I noticed the Irish vase you’re using and think it’s perfect for your March blooms. I have two Shamrock plants on my kitchen window sill, as I remember Dr. Vann, fondly. He was born on St. Patrick’s Day so we always made a big deal of it! Hope you’re having a good week as this month MARCHES on! 💚🍀

    • Good morning, Sheila! It’s still too chilly for me to work outside for very long, but soon enough we’ll be complaining of the heat. It’s funny, I didn’t think about St. Patrick’s Day when I put those blooms in that vase, but later I realized how perfect a choice it was. I didn’t realize Dr. Vann was born on St. Patrick’s Day. I suppose that’s why he was so lucky (just having you as a daughter-in-law would be lucky enough for a lifetime)! Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, I was practically pinching myself this morning trying to believe that March is more than half over. WOW, almost scary. I heard on the radio this morning that peak cherry blossom time is predicted for the first week of April. Let me know if you decide to head this way. 😀

  7. Mike Bertoglio

    Some beautiful dogwoods coming out this week. Small white flowers. Try and send you a pict taken just south of Kennestone hospital. Beautiful tree. I wonder if these are natives. I think they might be.
    We have a couple of strawberries that are turning in a hanging planter.

    • Thanks for the photos, Mike. I love the dogwoods. They usually bloom right around Easter. I’m sure you’ve heard the folklore stories about the flowers and their connection to Easter. I hope you get some nice edible strawberries from your plant. If I thought I’d have any luck with them, I’d plant some. When I buy them I wash them several times because I’ve read they are among the “dirtiest” of fruits, and I can hardly ever find organic ones.

  8. It’s so wonderful to see these spring flowering beauties, and they make me a bit nostalgic! We have lots of exotics – some wild and totally new to me – yet there is comfort in the flowers that imprinted on us long ago.

    I don’t know how I’m missing notifications of your posts, but will unsubscribe and re-subscribe and hope that it fixes the problem!

    • Thank you, Z. If I had to choose between the exotic and the familiar, it would be a difficult choice indeed. Both add such joy to life. I wish there was some way I could send you some of our humble everyday blooms that you may not see as often as we do. I so appreciate your making the effort to keep up with me, as I know that connectivity is occasionally a challenge in your world. Thanks for being here!

  9. Mike Bertoglio

    Dogwood festival is this weekend at Piedmont park. I think blueberries also receive a number of chemical additives.

    • Yes, it’s the pesticides that worry me most. Hope there was pretty weather for the festival.

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