Open every door

A garden doorway beckons in Mykonos, Greece 2008

A garden doorway beckons in Mykonos, Greece 2008

“Not knowing when the Dawn may come I open every Door…”  Emily Dickinson

When our eight-week-old Schipperke came to live with us nearly 16 years ago, I read everything I could find on the breed.  More than one source remarked “this dog does not like closed doors.”  Apparently the Schipperke has insatiable curiosity, a vigilant nature, and a great desire to be with people, so he much prefers to have run of the house…something most guidebooks advised against!

There is something appealing about these traits, though, and perhaps we humans should be fond of open doors as well.  Literally and figuratively, an open door can lead to new friends, a peaceful garden retreat or a pleasant room and warm hospitality.  As Dickinson notes in her poem, we don’t know when or where the light may break through in our lives, so avoiding despair will usually require being open to undiscovered possibilities.

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  1. Harry S

    I had been remiss.
    Most all my life I had been.

    And now I have been remiss in recording this communication with God, my Savior and my salvation for a while but that certainly doesn’t mean I have been remiss in having conscious contact with Him.

    A very kind, a very nice and genteel lady from South Carolina suggested to me when I confessed I was having trouble with prayer and meditation to challenge myself by just thinking about God.

    She Said “Why Don’t You Just Think about God” so that very night on readying myself for sleep my mind was directed to a trance like state which was saying back to me — “God, God, God, God” — until we drifted off into peace.

    Ah! A precious moment.

    Ah! A priceless moment.

    One to be treasured.

    One to be reverently recalled and repeated.

    • I think many of us have trouble with prayer and meditation in this distracted, hyper-stimulated time. It’s one reason I am avoiding the computer as much as I can. I believe the current popularity of Yoga and meditation are evidence that more and more people are attempting to escape from the dangers of our increasingly digital and robotic culture.

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