How happily we listen

Atlanta Botanical Garden, March 2012

“What can Spring say that other Springs have not already told us? And yet each year, how happily we listen!”Joan Walsh Anglund

Familiar yet always new, springtime lures us outdoors with warming sunshine, budding trees and bright blooms.  Whether your March  weather has been more like a lion or a lamb thus far, I hope you will soon experience the mood-lifting promise of a mild, sunny day — the sort of day when almost anything seems possible.

This post was first published seven years ago today. The original post and photo are linked, along with two other related posts, below.


  1. Hope springs eternal. And with the Spring hope flourishes.

    • Thank you, Alan. I am finding that to be true. The longer daylight hours lift my spirits, even on rainy days.

  2. Snowing in OR today. Lovely shot, such flowers; we have a few here despite the cold day. (And I think I spy a Chihuly glass sculpture! 🙂 )

    • Snowing! I always forget that Oregon does get snow. And yes, that is a Chihuly sculpture. Don’t you just love his work? I wish you many bright flowers to arrive very soon!

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