Without rain

A rainy day in Venice, June 2008

A rainy day in Venice, June 2008

“Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.” —  John Updike

As I write this, it’s a rainy day outside with the chill of winter still hanging on.  There is an atmosphere of quiet gloom.  My moods are strongly influenced by the weather, so I really need to live in a predominantly sunny climate. Troubles seem a little lighter when the sun is shining.

Still, there’s something about the rain that connects to my deepest emotions and leaves me daydreaming through the melancholy.  It’s nice occasionally to spend a cozy day indoors with a cup of tea and some extra time for reading or other indoor pursuits.  While I much prefer sunshine, rain brings balance and nourishment for the earth and for me.

Here are three of my favorite songs about rain. I hope you can find today time to enjoy one or all of them.

Paul McCartney’s tribute to people who smile through the pain

Tracy Chapman’s wistful collage of resignation and hope

B. J. Thomas with the classic theme song for eternal optimists

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  1. Dorothy Walker

    I so agree with your post today! Our days are cooling now and this morning woke up to the sun shining after almost a week of mostly light rain. I too feel much more productive when the sun is shining. After the bushfires we had an unprecedented amount of rain in the Blue Mountains. It helped put out the mega fires which had been burning since November and now the new growth is well under way. Nature is truly amazing. My own garden, even though a few precious plants didn’t survive the drought, is flourishing. Now we have to cope with the coronavirus. Shops and services are shutting down, borders closed, and we’re encouraged to only leave our homes if absolutely necessary. All socialising is on the phone or FaceTime or other mediums. The school I teach piano lessons at shut down last week and all lessons are given online. This is a first for most of us. Class teaching online is well organised and seems to going well. Our Church Services are online too. I imagine you have similar restrictions as the virus is spreading daily world wide. Praying you and Matt stay safe and well. Enjoy coming into spring! Dorothy 😊🌈

    • Hi Dorothy, it’s wonderful to hear how well your area re-emerged from the horrible fires, and that your garden is flourishing. How disappointing that all this rebirth comes at a time when other crises distract us. Yes, our situation is very much as you describe yours. I can’t imagine that piano lessons could be effectively taught online, though. Some aspects of the pedagogy would translate to digital communication, but for me, nothing could ever replace that amazing teacher sitting on that bench beside me, inspiring me to reach higher and try harder. I didn’t realize you were a piano teacher. You may have told me and I just forgot. I find that I’m forgetting a lot more than I used to. Yes, spring is a solace amid all the worries. Matt and I have enjoyed walking outside and enjoying the blooming trees and shrubs and flowers. Thanks for being here with us! Sending prayers and best wishes for your continued health as well. ❤

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