So many stupid remarks

As usual, Jeff and Matt heard more than they said. At the Louvre, Paris, September 2005

As usual, Jeff and Matt heard more than they said. At the Louvre, Paris, September 2005

“Surely nothing has to listen to so many stupid remarks as a painting in a museum.”
Edmond & Jules de Goncourt

When I read this quote, I laughed.  Then I wanted to talk back to it.  “Oh yeah? Try being a parent at an IEP meeting.”  But I realize that’s a fairly esoteric thing to say.  So I thought of other examples.  What about:

  • a gorilla at the zoo?
  • a judge at traffic court?
  • a middle school vice principal in charge of student conduct?
  • a mother with a screaming toddler?
  • anyone listening to a sports event’s “color commentator?” (You know, the ones who make immortal observations such as “this is a situation where they really need a hit” with the score tied and bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth.)

Admittedly, the Goncourt brothers came up with an interesting angle here, but let’s have fun with it.  We all have to put up with stupid remarks occasionally, and sometimes we make them ourselves.  Who (or what) do you suppose draws the most stupid comments?  What are some classics you’ve heard (or said)?  Sometimes, the best way to defeat despair is to shrug your shoulders, shake your head and laugh!

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  1. The quote made me laugh as well, and we definitely need laughter in these times!

    Using internet in a restaurant, I load the email notifications and read them off line at home.. so I rarely have an opportunity to follow the link to read the rest of (many) posts… and without an opportunity to leave a note of support – or thanks (!) … You remain diligent and dedicated for sharing positive thoughts and interesting stories!

    All fine here in Ecuador, but the restaurant just got busy so again my cyber sessions are cut short!

    • WOW what a great treat to hear from you today! I just had to stop long enough to pop on over to your blog to read what’s been going on with The Zeebra. I so totally love that pizza box art! It’s amazing!!! Makes me want to ship you all my empties so you can open a gallery of them. I also enjoyed the links you posted, and just catching up with your thoughts. I am envious of your ability to sleep so soundly. FWIW I am VERY unhappy with the WordPress changes and I let them know! I hope many others do, too. I was pulling my hair out trying to learn it. Life itself forces so many learning curves on us that I tend to resent those that seem unnecessary, and I do not see any benefit at all to the new system, despite what they say. I’m guessing that the heyday of blogging may have passed and they are cutting costs in some way that isn’t immediately apparent, but maybe they just like to keep re-inventing the wheel. I’m thankful for people such as you whose creativity produces fresh delights instead of new challenges. Thanks again for being here and for your encouraging words about the blog! I am especially grateful to you, knowing that the continuous internet connection that most of us take for granted is not something you can always access. But perhaps that leaves more time and room for art… ❤

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