Home is not where

This long road began at Ft. Belvoir hospital, with the emegency removal of a ruptured and cancerous appendix and surrounding tissues.  Here, Jeff takes a stroll with Drew and Matt while recuperating from his first-ever of what would turn out to be many, many surgeries.  September, 2007

It started at Ft. Belvoir hospital, with a ruptured and cancerous appendix.
Here, Jeff gets some fresh air with our sons while recuperating from his first-ever surgery.
We didn’t know then that there would be many, many more.   September, 2012

“Home is not where, it is whom.” -Christianne Dettmann

As most readers have figured out by now, I’m no longer posting two weeks in advance, but taking it day by day as I am able.  Since my days are mostly spent in hospitals lately, I have a bit of a one-track mind.  In any case, this quote seemed appropriate for this week.  For the first time in many years, in fact, so many I can’t remember exactly how many, Jeff and I have been able to spend some part of Thanksgiving and our shared birthday with both of our sons.  Not in our home, but as Dettman says, home can be anywhere.  I hope this finds you feeling at home wherever you may be today!

One year ago today:

Bounty enough

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  1. Sheila

    Hi Julia. I hope you’re enjoying your friend that’s visiting with some fun outings and good food and even better scenery. We experienced a home away from 428 for September and October while Bill received his Proton therapy in Knoxville. Apartment living, conveniently located, and with Jack was fantastic. Bill said it was an unusual “radiation vacation” and a successful one at that. We left a piece of our hearts there! 🧡✝️

    • So glad it went well for you. ❤

  2. Dorothy

    Happy Birthday Julia! It is a year that we won’t forget. In Australia bushfires were already burning this time last year and then Covid arrived. Life is gradually, cautiously returning to normal in NSW and other Ststes. Since March I have continued teaching my piano students online as being in my 70s, commuting by train seemed unwise.
    I do hope you and your family are well and stay that way. Let’s look forward to a better 2021. Wishing you the Joy, Peace and Hope that Christmas brings. Dorothy.

    • Dorothy, thank you for letting me hear from you. I had been wondering how you are. I’m happy things seem to be improving there in NSW. I’m desperately trying to believe in a better 2021, but after so many years of hoping for “a better year next year,” only to have more losses and disappointments year after year, I have to be honest that right now I am mostly trying to brace myself not to expect much. I know that doesn’t sound much like a “defeat despair” approach, but sometimes our expectations have to be (permanently and irrevocably) lowered. There’s only so much scarring a heart can handle before it starts to lose function. Matt’s literal heart has taught me that (via his doctors) over his 35 years, and on reflection, I think it’s just as true of the emotional heart. Having said all of that, I do hope that you have a wonderful holiday season! You are an inspiration for me and I’m sure your students can say the same! ❤

  3. mike c.

    Of course it has been suggested you include this one in your memoir about your cancer journey.
    I just got my absentee ballot for the special here in GA. Since i am now over 65 i can request that from now on i only – get absentee ballots- since i am now grey and quite slow moving.
    Gee -should i trust the post office to actually mail it in? I don’t know.

    • I don’t trust anything about the entire political process anymore. Vote and hope for the best; that’s about all we can do. I have no intention of writing a memoir about the cancer journey. It was painful enough just to live through it and the aftermath was even worse.

  4. mike c. B

    Above comment “special election” here in GA. Lots of money being spent here which seems sad when you think of where the money might have been put to use.
    Did you ever watch the “Georgia Gang” on Sunday mornings? They give -i think- a balanced view of both the left and the right. Being from Seattle–well?? Phil Kent, Tharon Johnson, Kathy Walker and Jenelle Smith?? are the presenters and always very articulate.

    • I don’t watch TV at all, and now does not seem like a good time to start. But I’m glad you have found something reasonable. Yes, it is sad that the political process has turned into a massive cash wasting sinkhole. Power is for sale to the highest bidders (and China is one of them). Sort of gives the lie to the politicians claiming to want to help the everyday voter while using the money for their own ends. McCain tried to stop that, but look how it ended for him.

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