Our blessings

A home near ours in Yorktown, Virginia, lights up the night, 2012

A home near ours in Yorktown, Virginia, lights up the night, 2012

“…remember that our blessings outnumber the lights. Happy Christmas to all.”
Betsy Cañas Garmon

Every time I think I go overboard with decorating my Christmas trees or gift wrapping, I see someone whose efforts to make Christmas beautiful leave mine in the dust.  But the house pictured above may surpass anything I’ve ever seen.  For a video that shows a bit more of this display (complete with my own amazed narration), look here.

I am so grateful for all the efforts, large and small, that go into bringing seasonal cheer to every corner of our world.  From the bright, sticker-decorated die-cut wreath someone hung on Jeff’s door (and all the doors of active duty service members) here at the hospital, to the trees and decorations at the Fisher Houses, to the festive cooking, music and atmosphere that abounds seemingly everywhere I go, all combine to lift our spirits and brighten our days.

I hope you will be surrounded with the good will that shines especially brightly at this time of year.  Feel free to post links to your favorite Christmas carols, or send photos of holiday decorations you’d like to share.  Let’s keep the blessings growing and glowing!

One year ago today:

Sit quietly in a room

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  1. Good morning, Julia!
    Wow, that’s a lot of lights!
    Patrick was reading about someone complaining about Christmas lights making them feel offended somehow because that person isn’t Christian. I think that if that person thinks “Christmas lights” are about Christianity, they are deluded. I embrace Christmas lights even though I am Christian. I like Hanukkah lights, too – blue being my favorite color. I wonder what color or style of lights would make that complainer happy?

    • Probably none. In most cases, complaining (even when it’s coming from me) says more about the person voicing the complaint and the state of the inside of their head at the time.

  2. Chris

    Wow! Wishing you and all your reader’s a bright and beautiful Christmas. 🎄

    • Thank you, Chris! The same to you and your family!

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