Every stretch of road

Every stretch of road has meaning...even this one near Delle, Utah, August 2004.

Every stretch of road has meaning…even this one near Delle, Utah, August 2004.

“A route differs from a road not only because it is solely intended for vehicles, but also because it is merely a line that connects one point with another…A road is a tribute to space. Every stretch of road has meaning in itself and invites us to stop.”
Milan Kundera

With only a week to drive from the west coast to the east, there was very little to tempt us to visit places such as Delle, Utah when we moved from California to Virginia in August 2004.  The heat alone was enough to dissuade us from stopping.  However, I agree with Kundera that every stretch of road has its own meaning.  And who knows what we may have missed by driving quickly through?

In reality, life is simply too short, and the demands of living too intense, to allow us to explore every stretch of road we travel. Through sheer necessity, we will use them as routes more far often than we will be able to wander along them as pathways.

But once in awhile, life throws us a curve ball and we get stuck in a place we didn’t intend to stay.  Whether it’s a car breakdown that grounds us for a few hours, extreme weather that stops us for a few days, or a temporary job assignment that ends up taking weeks or months longer than we expected, a discoverer’s mindset can lessen the frustration of detours and delays.

Next time you find yourself with more hours than you care to have in any particular place, remember Kundera’s thoughts.  If your route unexpectedly becomes a road inviting you to stop, take advantage of whatever hospitality you can find.  Take out your camera (if you have one with you) and ramble a bit.  You may never again see that particular spot of the planet in quite the same way.

One year ago today

Travel the back roads

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  1. MaryAnn

    When Paul & I traveled, in car, truck & motorcycle; with and without children, I was the one who wanted to stop & explore! I wanted to absorb all the journey had to offer! Paul mostly wanted “get there”. LOL Riding as a passenger on our motorcycle, I discovered things I’d not been able to view from a car or truck. Such beautiful, wonderful memories! God blessed us such treasures to find & enjoy!
    Sending love to you & Matt!

    • Mary Ann, Jeff and I were the same way. I always wanted to stop and explore. He was so focused on getting there that he didn’t even like to stop to let me use the ladies’ room (which he thought I needed to do way too often 😀 ) I agree that traveling in a car is not the best way to enjoy an area, though, especially from the interstate. I like to walk when I can, for the same reason. I see so much more that way. Matt and I both send our love to you too!

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