The true magic carpet

With a little help from Disney, Drew and Matt make an imaginary trip to Morocco. EPCOT Center, Orlando, Florida, August 2003

With a little help from Disney, Drew and Matt take an imaginary trip to Morocco.
EPCOT Center, Orlando, Florida, August 2003

“Imagination is the true magic carpet.”Norman Vincent Peale

Even when we aren’t free to travel because of health, finances or responsibilities, our minds are always free.  And now, with the entire world available literally at our fingertips, through words, photos, music and videos, our minds have even more fuel for our imaginary journeys.

If you’re reading this, you are looking at a computer or mobile device with internet access.  Quick — where would you most like to go right now?  What place on earth would you travel if you could be there instantly?  Do an online search, and click on “images” or “videos” or even “music” in the search results.  Almost anyplace you can think of in the entire world will have at least a few photos available to bring that faraway place within the reach of your thoughts for a five-minute vacation.

I realize there are elaborate scientific explanations as to how all this is possible.  I know it’s all zeroes and ones, and we have engineers to thank.  I know all that.  But I still think it’s magical.

Have an enchanted day – and send a few photos of your make-believe travels!

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  1. Good morning, Julia! I just installed an app called “Radio Garden,” which plays radio stations all around the world. The app opens by showing a globe, and you can “travel” to a bright green dot representing a radio station somewhere, and hear what they’re playing. The first time I opened it, it find a radio station from Minneapolis for me, and … the station was in Spanish! I think that emphasizes the power of music to transport.

    • Wow, Susan, thank for sharing this. It’s so interesting an idea! And it would be great fun for those with eclectic tastes. Drawing a Spanish station from Minneapolis was a surprise, I imagine. I wonder whether the station selection is truly random, or whether (as seems almost unavoidable) the design incorporates the inevitable biases and pre-conceived notions of those who produced it? (Such as thinking that everyone in Nashville listens to country music, for example, or having more stations in some languages than others.) In either case, it’s still a wonderful concept. I’m so glad you told us about it – those who listen to the radio a lot might wish to try it.

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