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Drew loved baseball from a very early age...with his Daddy's influence, of course!  Sometime in 1986, Huber Heights, Ohio.

Drew loved baseball from a very early age…with his Daddy’s influence, of course!
Sometime in 1986, Huber Heights, Ohio.

“Baseball was made for kids, and grown-ups only screw it up.”  — Bob Lemon

Those of us who admire the complexity of baseball — or maybe only imagine that we do — might think Lemon has oversimplified things with this statement.  But he has far more authority on the subject than I do, and in many ways, I think he’s right about grown-up ambitions and agendas messing with something nearly flawless in its purest form.

One doesn’t have to be adult or sophisticated to get enough of a grasp of the game to enjoy watching or playing it.  And even those who live in the endless universe of baseball statistics might admit that the most appealing aspects of the game are still the most basic.  A team sport where each player’s individuality is highlighted and accentuated; a game with a predictable but theoretically unlimited structure; a brilliant excuse to get outdoors as soon as the weather allows, and stay out until the cold returns.

What better gifts to give our children? Or for that matter, ourselves?

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  1. Amy

    Today is a good day for taking a walk outside. This is a beautiful photo of Drew.

    • Thanks Amy, how nice to see you here. Matt and I are currently enjoying the beautiful Florida weather for the second time in four weeks (third time in four weeks for me)…I could get used to being a snowbird! Yes, that’s a fun photo of Drew. He loved baseball from the very beginning. It must be genetic somehow, given the way both his parents and his maternal grandmother felt about the game.

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