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We got a big kick out of this sight in Ephesus, Turkey, May 2008.

We got a big kick out of this sight in Ephesus, Turkey, May 2008.

The two most engaging powers of an author are to make new things familiar and familiar things new.” Samuel Johnson

Is there any brand name more tiresomely familiar than Walmart?  Yet this enterprising Turkish businessman found a way to put a humorous spin on it, borrowing that famous name and slogan for his small merchandise stand near the ruins of Ephesus.  Familiar, but not the same old thing!  We instantly felt more at home when we saw it.

When I first found today’s quote, I wished there was a way to feature it with a collage of re-blogs from so many of my favorite bloggers, all of whom have made their exotic (to me) worlds more familiar.  It would be equally fitting to re-blog an assortment of posts from those whose lives or locations are more familiar to me, yet who have helped me, through their writing and photos, to see the ordinary with new eyes.

So, my fellow bloggers and blog readers, I borrow Misifusa’s encouraging words and urge you to SHINE ON!  Though some might belittle what we do, I really believe we are making the world a friendlier place, one exchange at a time.  Thanks for being here, and for taking me there!

And by the way…those shop owners at Ephesus certainly have a sense of humor:

Genuine fakes Ephesus May 2008

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The familiar exotic

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