The singing of birds

Hungry birds: these babies sing for their supper! May 2008

These hungry baby Robins can’t yet sing for their supper, but they would if they could!
Our York back yard, May 2008

“For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come…”Song of Solomon 2:11-12

Let’s hope the winter is mostly past by now, and the rain, while not over and gone, will surely give way to more sunny days ahead.  The time of the singing birds is definitely here, and I hope we will all enjoy it!

What are your favorite springtime joys?

One year ago today:

This most amazing day

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  1. Wow Birds sing 🎶 is awesome

  2. A very brave pair of robins have built a nest just off the corner of my deck. If it ever stops raining here, I’ll go take some photos!
    I think lilacs are probably my favorite spring thing.

    • I had a lilac bush planted last fall at my NoVa home. So far it’s still small but looking good.

  3. Raynard Shellow

    Good morning Julia. A bird story. No longer do I have Bjai barking at the birds on the patio.Its been years since we had any type of bird feeder out even for the hummingbirds. But as our newest member of the family Destiny gets use to the sights and sounds.So far she is curious about the stray cats and turkey buzzards near the trees and dumpster. Can I tie this all in when I was stationed in Hawaii and use to feed the birds in my front yard. I had on post housing and it looked like a scene from the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds . I digress. Unlike the opening scenes in the Disney/Pixar movies with that big bird and the 4 little ones tricking him Oh never mind lol June I’m planning a Bjai and Oliver memorial Cannonball run to Virginia Beach.hint hint

    • Raynard, I loved reading about your dogs, your birds and your life! Much has happened since we last talked – we need to catch up! Let me know when the cannonball run is planned and we can hopefully meet up somewhere. I’d love to treat you and Mary to lunch!

  4. Lydia E Gama

    That is such a beautiful photo, Julia!, thanks for sharing. We have interesting weather here in the south. The mornings are chilly, at noon the sun is shining and the temperature is rising to the lower 70’s and as evening unfolds, the weather starts to get colder again. The days are beautiful, the birds are singing with such joy. We are enjoying the days with our five and two-year old granddaughters, playing soccer, exploring the woods behind our backyard and walking on the tree stumps left over from the storms. So grateful for God’s wonderful creation.

    • Lydia, thank you for creating such a wonderful image for us with your words. It sounds so beautiful! May you be blessed with a continual awareness of life’s treasures, and the health to enjoy them!

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