Imaginary walking

This quiet wooded trail runs directly behind our town home in Alexandria.

This quiet wooded trail runs directly behind our town home in Alexandria.  May 2014

“One kind of walking which I do not recall seeing mentioned anywhere in the literature of the subject is imaginary walking.” Edwin V. Mitchell

This post is for Bindu, who took me on an imaginary walk via her blog almost a year ago.

A couple of  weeks ago when Matt and I had been at the hospital most of the day for his post-operative check-ups and testing, I came in and glanced at the blog comments quickly before dinner and walking.

I noticed Bindu had remarked that she hasn’t been able to enjoy walking as much lately, so I decided I would take her along on my walk — in my imagination, of course — and take some photos to send to her.  The late afternoon atmosphere was PERFECT, not too hot and not too cool, only a faint breeze, and the birds were out celebrating in grand style.

There are a few twists and turns, but it's mostly the same scenery.

There are a few twists and turns, but it’s mostly the same scenery.

The actress Diane Keaton came with us too, via her self-narrated audiobook Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty, but her stream-of-consciousness chat about the nature of beauty was only playing for part of the walk.  The rest of the time, we listened to the gorgeous music of the birds.  I wished I had been able to take a video so you could hear how pretty they sounded, but alas! the memory card in my camera was too full for a video.

It's wonderfully cool here, even on hot days, and dogs and joggers love to run here.

It’s wonderfully cool here, even on hot days, and dogs and joggers love to run here.

In any case, here are the photos, and I conveniently neglected to picture any of us — so you can put yourself in the picture, and come along. After all, imaginary walks can be taken again and again, and you can bring anyone you want!

If you are unable to get outside for a real walk today, try taking an imaginary one.  You can have music, an audiobook, the sound of birds, or just blissful silence.  You can have mountains or trees or beaches or snow or an ever-changing vista with all of the above.  Imaginary walks are great fun!

One year ago today:

A walk will do more good

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  1. Good morning, Julia!
    This week, I am visiting my parents in Florida, so Sandy and I are planning to take our Wednesday walk by telephone tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the lunar eclipse and sunrise moonset. Here on the east coast we won’t be able to see the lunar eclipse, as it is happening roughly over Hawaii, and just after moonset at this longitude.
    But as a bonus, I can take my Mom with me for this walk “with Sandy,” and I’ll have my camera, too!
    You can “join us” too! You’ll be in my thoughts!

    • Susan, what a lovely thought! Thank you!

      • It was a bit hazy on the horizon, but we did actually see the start of the eclipse before the moon sank into the horizon.

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