A wonderful position

These statues in Newnan, Georgia convey the free-spirited confidence of children.
March 2014

“I’m in a wonderful position: I’m unknown, I’m underrated, and there’s nowhere to go but up.”Pierre S. DuPont IV

I loved this quote the moment I saw it, and I thought immediately of how it feels to be a child or a young person.  Though few, if any, children will think in precisely those words, DuPont has captured much of the youthful optimism so many of us have in the early years of life.

Then disappointment, failure and trouble set in, and we grow a bit wiser, but sadder.  However, for many of us, the spirit of this quote holds true regardless of our age.  Anonymity can be a blessing — just ask any superstar who can’t escape the paparazzi — and if we feel underrated at times, that simply means people will appreciate us more later, after they get to know us better.

Today, I hope you can take a few minutes to remember your happiest, most optimistic days of youth, when the world seemed full of possibilities.  Though you may not realize it, you have many advantages over that callow, somewhat naive youngster you used to be.  Reach back and grab a little of the energy and anticipation you had as a child, to mix with the sagacity that only comes with maturity.  It will be a formidable combination.

One year ago yesterday:

More than logical

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  1. Good morning, Julia! Wow, there are so many different ways that “formidable combination” could work out!
    I’ve been more keenly aware of the seasons of life as I’m in Florida with my parents. This is so difficult for them.
    Love to you, and many happy, energetic times of creative use of your accumulated wisdom!

    • Thank you Susan. I’m not as old as your parents, but Jeff’s early death has forced me into many of the difficulties normally faced by the elderly, and in my case, I face them with no peer group to share and understand. It’s no wonder the two widows of about my own age that I met at Oxford in 2017 have remained in my heart to this day, and we are still in touch. I appreciate your presence in your parents’ lives! I am sure it brings them more consolation than you may know.

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