When everything is perfect

"Van der Neer - Moonlit Landscape with Bridge" by Aert van der Neer  Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

“Moonlit Landscape with Bridge” by Aert van der Neer
Licensed under public domain via Wikimedia Commons

“Every summer there are a number of nights, not many, but a number, when everything is perfect. The light, the warmth, the smells, the mist, the birdsong – the moths. Who can sleep? Who wants to?” Fredrik Sjöberg

During summer, my tendency to be a night owl kicks into overdrive.  The longer daylight hours fool me into thinking it’s much earlier than it actually is, and the delights of summer make the prospect of going to sleep less tempting than it is during the colder, darker months.

I’ve often wondered why someone who loves to sleep as much as I do seems to have such trouble getting enough of it.  It’s not just because I’m a restless sleeper; it’s also because I’m eager to spend more time enjoying all the things there are in this world to enjoy.  I suppose this can be a form of greed at times, but it’s hard not to savor bliss when it is available, knowing how hard to come by it might be later.

Even if you’re an early-to-bed type, I hope you will be able to stay up and enjoy at least an hour or two of a perfect summer night.  According to online sources I checked, we have another full moon coming up on August 10.  Maybe you can schedule yourself a couple of hours for stargazing or just sitting outside after the temperatures have cooled.  Those of you south of the equator, check back here in about six months!  I wish you a starry, starry night full of enchantment!

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