Like an inheritance

Mama and Daddy with their aging children, January 2014

Mama and Daddy with their aging children, January 2014

“Avoid providing material for the drama that is always stretched tight between parents and children; it uses up much of the children’s strength and wastes the love of the elders, which acts and warms even if it doesn’t comprehend. Don’t ask for advice from them and don’t expect any understanding; but believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance, and have faith that in this love there is strength and blessing so large that you can travel as far as you wish without having to step outside it.”Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke did not have an ideal childhood, but as with many others who mature beyond youthful unhappiness, he was able to see past the difficulties to the timeless treasures that are inherent in family ties.  Despite the seemingly universal  presence of sorrow and heartbreak in our lives, almost all of us have known the blessings of nurturing love such as Rilke describes.

Today, I invite you to celebrate that love, and if you are fortunate enough to have parents who are still living, thank them for the inheritance they have stored up for you, and rejoice in the boundless world that comes with it.

One year ago today:

The incredible gift

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  1. I sent my mom a link to this post and thanked her. She was very touched by it.

    • Thank you, Susan! I’m so glad she liked it.

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