This is a favorite part of my walk all year round, but especially in fall.  Yorktown, November 2008

This is a favorite part of my walk anytime, but especially in fall. Yorktown, November 2008

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”George Eliot

The scene pictured above is one of my favorite places in our neighborhood.  There is a pond just to the left, where you can’t see it in the photo, but one hardly notices it for the trees that are beautiful all year round.  They look gorgeous in spring when they flower, and cool and shady with green in the summer, but I love them best in the fall.

Eliot wouldn’t have to be a bird to fly nowadays, but she probably couldn’t seek successive autumns even if she was still on earth today.  She’d likely be too busy with the responsibilities of day-to-day life to indulge her fall fantasies.  But she could fly about in cyberspace for a few minutes every day, and hear about the delights of the season all over the world.

It’s fun to reflect on her words and realize that the magic of autumn has captivated human hearts and minds for hundreds of years.  If you identify with Eliot’s love of this season, pull up an imaginary chair and have a chat with her about what she might see if she could visit your home during her favorite time of year.  She has left behind some vivid descriptions of fall for us to enjoy.  Your turn now!

One year ago today:

Wild with leaves

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  1. mike

    Fixin to rain here.

    • You mean it’s coming up a cloud? 🙂 Better get those clothes off the line! 😀

  2. Julia, You always manage to bring out the best of the Fall season. It dazzles us with beautiful colorful spender and comforts us with a warmth that dismisses from our senses that coolness we feel, and will soon give way to the cold chills of winter and starkness which still blesses us with a beauty of its own.

    • Hi Alan, it is always such a joy to hear from you and read your poetic words. And yes, each season brings its own beauty and its own truths to ponder. Our leaves here are just now starting to turn, but I imagine “the quiet corner” has been having quite a show already! Hope your autumn is full of special blessings.

      • Yes, Julia, color is exploding. Hope your autumn is a colorful one too. God’s Blessings.

        • Thank you Alan. If Susan returns to in-person work in New England, perhaps we can manage a foliage trip sometime in the fall (are you reading this, Susan?) and if we do, we’ll try to swing by the “quiet corner” to bring a little noise (the nice kind, of course) and say hello!

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