This place is full

I snapped this photo from our table at the Carrot Tree, December 2014. Join us!

I snapped this photo from our table at the Carrot Tree, December 2014. Join us!

“This place is full of absent friends.” Ashleigh Brilliant

The Saturday after Christmas, I met my friend Darla for lunch at the Carrot Tree on Riverwalk Landing in Yorktown. Darla lives in the historic district of Yorktown, and I can’t visit her without thinking: 1. how lucky she is to live in this enchanted little village, and 2. how lucky I am to have a friend who actually lives right here, not just nearby.

We had a lovely meal — tomato basil soup and Quiche Lorraine for me — and then prowled around in the shops until the clock forced us to leave for other obligations.  Darla knows pretty much everyone who runs every business, so there was lots of friendly chatting going on as we browsed among more cute and pretty things than anybody could possibly take home.

Even though “downtown” Yorktown is a tiny (very tiny) place, it has more charm per square inch than any other place I can think of, and we had more than enough to keep us busy during what seemed like a very short afternoon.  It was wonderful!  The only thing missing was you.

Every time I go to the historic part of Yorktown, I think how I should go there more often, and how many people I wish I could bring with me.  During our short time there on Saturday, I thought of so many of you; how you probably would enjoy the afternoon stroll as much as Darla and I did.

So, just as I invited you to visit me on Christmas, so I invite you to visit our home town.  How many places this small can boast a location smack in the middle of a national historic park, a beach, gorgeous hilltop views, a downtown that can be easily walked, free shuttle service to Colonial Williamsburg, and the distinction of being the place where the future USA won their war for independence?

If you were among the many, many friends who were absent on Saturday, come join us in your imagination.  Read up on the interesting story of the British surrender at the Yorktown Victory Center; chat with the friendly shopkeepers on Riverwalk Landing, and stroll quiet streets where people still live in many of the historic homes.

If you overhear two women talking, laughing and exclaiming over how adorable some craft is, or how beautiful some quilt or floral arrangement is, that might be Darla and me.   Be sure to come over and say hi!  We’ll be happy to see you.

Images of Riverwalk Landing (above) and the historic village (below)

Images of Riverwalk Landing (above) and the historic village (below)

Yorktown historic district

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  1. Judy

    And now I very much want to visit Yorktown sometime in 2022! I’ve never been there but it sounds like a fascinating area and not that far from our family in Virginia. Our traveling wings have been clipped by some medical conditions and by this crazy time of pandemic, and now I’m feeling strong stirrings of cabin fever from all the confinement. A trip that includes Yorktown is something to look forward to and so I’m bookmarking this post of yours in my “Things To Do in 2022” folder! Thanks, Julia!

    • Judy, I’m so glad you enjoyed the virtual visit to Yorktown! Sadly, Covid (and other factors) have changed the area considerably, and many of my favorite shops and restaurants are there no more. But others have come along, and it’s still a lovely little village.

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