The most exciting play

Eight-year-old Drew, during his first year of playing baseball. He hit a lot more triples than homeruns -- no wonder I like triples!

Eight-year-old Drew, during his first year of playing baseball, Vandenberg AFB, CA, 1992.
He hit a lot more triples than home runs — no wonder I like triples!

“The triple is the most exciting play in baseball. Home runs win a lot of games, but I never understood why fans are so obsessed with them.”  — Hank Aaron

In typical fashion, Aaron turns the spotlight away from himself to voice an opinion I was relieved to read.  I thought I was the only one who loved triples better than home runs.

There’s something slightly anti-climactic about a home run, even when it cleans up the bases or ends the game.  With a home run, you’re there.  With a triple, it’s that sweet moment when victory is in your grasp, but not quite yours.

Singles put men on base and doubles bring them home, but triples are in a class by themselves; they are the epitome of achievement, where the hitter/runner delivers more than expected, pushing the tension to its very limit.  You’ll never see an arrogant batter jogging lazily around the bases in a triple.

As some of us celebrate the opening of another baseball season, remember that the greatest home run hitter of all time (STILL the greatest — Barry who?) understood the truth that getting there — especially when done with panache — is more than half of the fun.

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  1. Debbie

    Julia, I am praying for you to recover from all the trauma from your fall. I have not commented in a very long time but I do pray for you and your 2 sons. My prayers are for healing and peace for all. As a nurse I know that a positive attitude and prayers can help with healing. All the best to you and your family at this time of the year. Happy Easter.

    • Thank you, Debbie. You are absolutely right about the positive attitude, and the Lord is blessing me with a huge dose of that right now. I find that a sense of humor about it all is helping tremendously. (I told one friend “Well, at least I now look like a bona fide Redneck!”) (No offense intended, I love Rednecks.) Yes, this time of year brings to mind the ultimate suffering and sacrifice, which puts it all in perspective. Happy Easter!

  2. Julia, praying for you as you heal from the fall.🛐❤🛐

    • Thank you, Cherie! I hope you are well and happy. ❤

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