Power to gather

Choose a flower and be filled with joyful wisdom! Daffodil doubles, April 2015

Choose a flower to study, and be filled with joyful wisdom!
Daffodil doubles, April 2015

…he is happiest who hath power
To gather wisdom from a flower…            

 Mary Howitt

What is your favorite flower?  That’s a tough question to answer; I tend to be fondest of whatever I happen to be seeing at the moment.  But if I had to choose, the delightful daffodil is my favorite.

I gather many bits of wisdom from this perky blossom.  Its early appearance each spring shows me the radiance of hope for sunny skies on the way.  Its bright yellow hue (or creamy pastel shades in the fuller “double” blooms, as pictured above) and beautiful green leaves teach me the power of color to lift our moods and decorate our lives.

The daffodil spends the fall and winter strengthening its roots, resulting in showy blooms when March arrives.  It grows in clusters, and spreads across wide areas in dazzling displays that inspired the famous Wordsworth poem.   The daffodil’s exquisite shape seems to suggest openness and readiness; if it’s possible for a flower to seem friendly, this one does.

Tell us about the blossoms you love best.  Take a few minutes to do an online image search, and marvel at the wonderful photographs that are freely available to cheer us when this year’s flowers have mostly faded.  Have you ever gathered wisdom from a flower?  If so, feel free to share it with us here.  It’s one of the happiest topics I know!

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