Grady’s photos 2014

PaPa bought Grady this dapper Easter suit! March 2014

PaPa bought Grady this dapper Easter suit! March 2014

Grady and the chandelier March 2014

Grady loved the chandelier at his great-grandparents’ Georgia home
(a.k.a. Granny and Captain) – March 2014

Grady at the window March 2014

Grady loved their dining room window, too! March 2014

Leprechaun Grady Mar 2014

Grady wishes everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day! 2014

Grady with Drew March 2014

Thank you for the warm-up suit, PaPa! March 2014

Grady in warmup from PaPa March 2014

March madness is not just about the crazy weather! 2014


Grady's Valentine wish

How on earth could we possibly say no?

Grady at six months collage 1-30-14

Grady at six months! January 30, 2014

Grady with Babar 2-7-14

Grady and Babar say hello! 2-7-14

Jeff shows Grady his Johnny Cash knife, Jan 2014

Grady with PaPa in Alexandria, January 5, 2014

Finally! Some of what the adults are eating!

Finally! Some of what the adults are eating!

Wonder what he's thinking?  January 5, 2014

Wonder what he’s thinking? January 5, 2014

Snow days are fun! We get to stay inside and play all day! January 4, 2014

Having fun and staying warm on a cold night!  January 3, 2014

Having fun and staying warm on a cold night!
January 3, 2014

Grady with his namesake at ATL, just before boarding his first airline flight, January 3, 2014.

Grady with his namesake at ATL, just before boarding his first airline flight, January 3, 2014.
Grady saw snow for the first time on landing at DCA. Here he is with his Daddy, behind MeMe and PaPa's home in Alexandria, January 3, 2014.

Grady saw snow for the first time on landing at DCA.  According to his Daddy,
he loved flying and was quiet, alert and watchful during the entire flight.
Here they are behind MeMe and PaPa’s home in Alexandria, January 3, 2014.

Grady is happy to be here! January 3, 2014.

Grady is happy to be here! January 3, 2014.




  1. Michelle

    This baby is utterly adorable. It’s obvious how happy he is and that must be because he’s so loved! Perfect. 🙂

    • Thanks Michelle! We just spent some time at the beach with him and it was as jolly as you might imagine. If I get time, I’ll post some photos/videos here (said the proud silly grandmother). Thanks so much for visiting with me and looking at the photos in my cyber-purse! 😀

  2. Michelle

    Oh the beach, he must have loved that! He reminds me of my son at that age (who is now 2): a bright sweet face, and beautiful blue eyes. Omg he’s so cute I hope you just hug him all the time!! (Of course, if he’s anything like my sweet Evan, those eyes are hiding a bit of a mischievous side too, lol)

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for your sweet comments, which this proud Grandmother loves to hear! I hug Grady as much as he will tolerate it (he’s very loving but VERY busy and wants to be down and exploring all the time). Since he lives so far away we don’t get to see him as much as we would like, so photos are our lifeline. SO Evan is mischievous too! Don’t you just love that spark? I really like the name Evan. I don’t hear it much, but I knew an exemplary young man by that name when I was in high school. He was quite a looker, too, so I’ve always had a good impression of that name. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Michelle

    That is a bummer that you don’t live very close to your son’s family, but at least you do get to see Grady from time to time, so some is better than nothing for sure. They should submit the Jan 5th photo where he’s crossing his hands to one of those beautiful baby magazine contests, seriously! I just love that photo – it’s a heartbreaker! Re; Evan’s name: We had picked out the name Trevor, and then late in my pregnancy my hubs Daryl said he wasn’t crazy about it anymore. I told him that I loved it, and if – and only if – he could come up with a name I like as much, I could agree to switch. About 2 weeks before Evan was born, Daryl said “How about Evan?”. and I pretty much loved it right then. And ohhhh my, Evan does things that we never even thought about with his older sister (5) when she was young! He is mischievous, adventurous, and is up for any and all kinds of hijinks. He’s going to be the one we have to look out for when he gets older. But he’s a teddy bear, and loves his Mommy, so I soak it all in while I can. One day he won’t be like that — tears!!–

    • Michelle, as long as you enjoy these days while you have them, it will be easier to watch Evan grow out of them. That photo you mention is one of my favorites – he had spent the night with Jeff and me, and wanted to be near us very second, so I just took him into the bathroom with me that morning while I was brushing my teeth and washing my face. (I can’t stand to just let infants cry.) He was watching me with such a pensive look and the sun was coming in so softly that I just had to stop and take that photo. When my friend Ellis saw that photo, she said he was “the next Dalai Lama” which I thought was perfect for that photo! I’m glad your Evan is full of fun – isn’t it amazing how our children can be so different from each other? Thanks so much for being here and sharing the joy of little ones.

  4. Carolyn

    I love these pictures of Grady. Happy birthday sweet boy.

    • Thank you Carolyn! I am way, way behind on posting the latest pics and videos to that page. Megan has sent me several and I have a ton (literally over 1000) that I have taken the few times we’ve seen him. We hope to be seeing him again soon. Thanks for enjoying the photos with us!

  5. What’s Grady been up too this summer Jules? Having lots of fun I hope. Have you got to spend much time together?

    • Yes, we got to have a week at the beach with Grady in June, and then we saw them again in early September when we went to Atlanta on Labor Day weekend. He will be featured in an upcoming post, but I really MUST get some updated photos and videos posted to Grady’s Page. I have so many that it’s hard to choose which to post to his page. He is changing fast, that’s for sure. Thanks for asking about my favorite topic! 😀

      • Oh, sweet little toes in the sand and ocean. That sounds awesome. It’s great to have little ones know the water early and learn to swim too. I can’ wait to read all about it xox

        • I wish you could have been there! He was so cute, and loved every minute.

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