Permit yourself the luxury

Neighbors on a winter afternoon stroll, York County, Virginia 2010

“Winter is the time of promise because there is so little to do – or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so.” —  Stanley Crawford

Each year, I enter January with delusions about how much I will get done — I will clean out my closets, sort through old letters, put my photographs into albums or digitize them to send to others.   I never seem to accomplish all that I plan to do in the winter, partly because that season is rarely as idle as I imagine it will be, and partly because, more than any other time of year, I permit myself the delicious pastimes associated with the dormant season: browsing through books, strolling on a cold, sunny day, and daydreaming about the coming spring.  I wish for you the wonderful winter luxury of taking a break while nature itself is half asleep.


  1. Patricia Salamone

    Julia, it sounds all warm and fuzzy, and I love the photo.:o)

    • Thanks Patricia! I’m a big fan of “warm and fuzzy” especially at this time of year. I may just go make myself a favorite treat for this wintery drizzly morning: hot chocolate, except instead of making it with hot water, I mix hot coffee into it. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. God Morning,Beloved Julie. You and yours are in my prayers without ceasing. Seeing your picture; i miss strolling along the wintry banks of Lake Erie in Ohio. Yet, i know those pleasurable memories are a part of me as the Spring that is coming for us all. agape Love and Peace.

    • We were in the Lake Erie area on a New England vacation a couple of years ago. What a beautiful place to go walking! I bet it’s especially gorgeous in the snow. Yes, Spring will be here before we know it. The daffodils have already started shooting up in front of our house. This warm weather must have fooled them. Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers!

  3. I agree that the time is rarely idle, but I love the fact that finally we can see the days getting longer, especially the sun setting later. I look forward to those long days of summer that I relish. Monte

    • Monte, I start watching the sunset times as soon as solstice passes in December, anxiously awaiting signs of longer days. I love the long days; more time for walking, gardening and chatting with neighbors. I’ve always been glad that when the excitement of Christmas passes, the darkness is already on the wane. Just a few days ago I remarked to my husband that I can tell now the night does not fall as early. My moods are definitely improved by lots of sunshine. That’s one reason I loved California, Texas and Hawaii so much, but Virgnina gets a fair share of sunshine too.

  4. Mike Bertoglio

    After living a year in Hawaii- 2010-11, I find it difficult to enjoy the winter season here in the Northwest. I used to do cross country skiing , but my body now says no. I have to say I do enjoy the cold, crisp winter
    air on my walks along the Cedar River. But if I had my choice I would go back to Hawaii.
    Congratulations on being the first on the UR site today. Hope you get some rest today.

    • Hi Mike, where did you live in Hawaii? We lived on Hickam AFB (right on Pearl Harbor) for 3 years. I loved it, but was ready to return to the mainland. I didn’t miss winter at all, though. It was fun being able to go to the beach on Christmas Eve or other winter holidays.

  5. Sheila

    Julia,I,too,noticed that you were first on the Upper Room site this morning. I do hope that you had a good day. I was just reading an update on my cousin’s Caring Bridge website for her husband, who was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer on April 13th,2012. On July 13th,2012 her journal entry posted the words we had prayed for…. “cancer free”!
    Caring Bridge has been a wonderful way to get daily updates and also support back to them through the guestbook. Just wanted to share a very personal story from my family.
    Thinking of Jeff and of you this evening,Sheila

    • Thanks so much, Sheila. We had a friend who used Caring Bridge and it really was a good way for us all to keep in touch. I will probably start a site there at some point in the future. It is always such a boost to hear of people who get GOOD NEWS in these situation – thanks so much for sharing your friend’s story. Each time we hear of someone who beats cancer, we feel a bit better. I’m so glad to visit with you here and through Upper Room too!

  6. Winter is long here but we always look forward to a sunny get away and I like to take a class of some sort. Last winter was Photoshop, this winter, starting tomorrow a photography class with my new camera. Simple things are enjoyable too like a walk or a skate.

    • That sounds wonderful – I hope to take a class in Photoshop someday. Have fun with your new camera! Maybe you can post some of the photos you take with it. I can’t wait to get back over to your blog and read through it some more. Things are pretty hectic now but hopefully I’ll have more time soon.

      • It’s always nice to see you but absolutely no worries Julia, we’ll be hanging out when you get here LOL.

  7. Mike Bertoglio

    On windward side of Oahu in Kaneohe. I worked at Hawaii State Hospital. Only a year. Did you get the Island Fever? Lanikai was our favorite beach. I think I can apply for senior housing now. .They had the big christmas display at City Hall. Did you go with all the handmade wreaths. Mele Kelikimaka (sp?)

    • Kaneohe is beautiful. The whole windward side of the island is full of gorgeous beaches. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite. We were amazed at the way Hawaii goes all out for Christmas and we did enjoy the wreaths at City Hall, as well as the elaborate decorations at many of the Waikiki hotels. Evenually you may see some photos from some of those places showing up here on this blog

  8. Susan

    Julia, yes, we do have visions of perfection swirling in our heads this time of year. Visions which rarely come to fruition — but hopefully we move forward in some ways.

    I realize that so much has changed for you since you first wrote this, primarily the loss of Jeff. I’m still so very sorry about that.

    • Susan, thank you. I don’t get to see you in person nearly as much as I’d like, but your presence in my life has been a source of strength and encouragement since the first day I met you. Your life is a wonderful inspiration, and I so appreciate your presence here!

      • Susan

        You’re sweet, Julia, and the feeling is mutual ❤ .

        • 🙂 ❤


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