Strength that will endure

I snapped this photo somewhere between Skagway, Alaska and the Yukon, in June 2000

I snapped this photo somewhere between Skagway, Alaska and the Yukon, in June 2000

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”Rachel Carson

The deep connection most of us feel to the earth’s grandeur is awe-inspiring yet reassuring, an interesting combination of emotions that cannot adequately be described.  However, poets and writers have attempted for centuries to capture the mystery of what we experience when we encounter the wonders of nature in its infinite forms and endless variety.  I hope today you will tap into the deep reserves of strength available to each of us when we take a few minutes to appreciate our world.

For more beautiful photos of nature, see these sites:

And many others!  Happy exploring!


  1. Patricia Salamone

    Beautiful Julia. The vast majestic wonder makes me realize how tiny I am compared to nature and all of its glory. Very inspiring.

    • Thanks, Patricia. It does give us perspective, doesn’t it? I appreciate your visits here!

      • Patricia Salamone

        You are most welcome Julia, but it is I who welcome your wonderful posts. I don’t always have time to respond, but I do read them all.:o)

  2. What a lovely picture and sentiment for a Sunday morning! Thank you for sharing!

    • Yes, a wonderful way to begin Sunday. The sun is shining where I am, though there is a light dusting of snow on the ground. I hope your day is beautiful. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Sheila

    Julia, we also have a dusting here in South Carolina, which was cause for much excitement last night as it was falling. My morning marvel came as I looked outside and saw a beautiful Robin hopping across the snow covered ground.God is everywhere! Sheila

    • Sheila, I imagine you don’t get a lot of snow in South Carolina. I’m glad you were able to enjoy it, and also saw the Robin. Yes! God has fingerprints all over creation!

  4. Mike Bertoglio

    I will lift up mine eyes to the hills, from whence comes my strength.”
    Alaska is still on my list.

    • Thanks Mike, for a reminder of a favorite verse. I hope you are able to travel to Alaska and enjoy its abundant natural beauty.

  5. thanks, amiga! thanks, also, for pointing us to cindy’s and lady budd’s sites! lisa/z

    • You are welcome! The world is even more beautiful when we share our appreciation of it!

  6. We live within 1/2 day drive to the Rockies and consider it such a privilege. They are jaw dropping each and every time you first come around the bend. They’re majestic, grande and yet peaceful.

    • You are definitely lucky to live so close to such a beautiful area. Our family met in Banff to celebrate my parents’ 50th anniversary in 1999. It was phenomenal. I hope to return there one day.

      • Banff is beautiful, but we usually end up in Jasper since friends of ours built a home near by. Your parents married in the 40’s, I loved that era. The clothes, the cars and the music.

        • Yes, I can remember hearing them talk about Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller etc. and sometimes heard them sing or play old songs from that era.

  7. Rene

    On our Alaska cruise in 2002, we took the train to the top of that mountain, a tour bus back down, stopped in Liarsville for hot cider, ginger snaps, mosquitos the size of grasshoppers, gold panning, & a delightful show. Later, my husband & I walked through the town of Skagway, which was beautiful.

    • Wow! I’d love to do that sometime. We really enjoyed Skagway; it was possibly our favorite stop on our Alaska cruise.


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