Always a frontier

The American West, somewhere between California and Wyoming, 2004

The American West, somewhere between California and Wyoming, 2004

“Where there is an open mind there will always be a frontier.”Charles F. Kettering

I admire the courage of those who venture into new territory.  From the explorers of ancient times up through the astronauts of today, we have always needed trailblazers who are willing to lead the way into an unknown future.  So much that we take for granted was made possible by those who have gone ahead of us and created  paths.

There are all kinds of pioneers.  When our younger son was five years old, special education was relatively new, and normally it was confined to self-contained classrooms in specific schools.  Our son began kindergarten at his home school as one of the first students with significant disabilities ever to go there.  In his way, he too was a pioneer, as were the school administrators who encouraged us to let Matt try “regular” kindergarten, and the faculty who welcomed him and facilitated his learning with creative adaptations in his areas of disability. Today, inclusion is the norm, backed by extensive research that establishes it as a sound educational practice that benefits all school populations. But just a couple of decades ago, it was new and untried, and there were many who feared it.

Whether your frontiers are headline-grabbing ventures, voyages of exploration, or just a quiet determination to find a better way to approach a persistent problem, I wish you the joy of discovery.

Click here for another blogger’s story about some pioneers in her family.


  1. God Morning, BeLOVE Julia & Family, in my heart & prayers. One of my favorite quotes, up front & center in my prayer journal is: Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God [a favorite author, Corrie ten Boom]. This reminder encourages me daily to step-out into some scary, unknown territory; as when i had to do ‘battle’ for my grandson’s learning disabilities. Can truly identify with your mediation this morning. Pray thus will encourage others; He is able to equip all with what is needed for the moments of unknown trails.

    • Kate, thanks so much for your prayers. Unknown territory can be really intimidating but as you point out, we never go there alone; God is with us and also others who understand what it’s like to live with uncertainty. I pray that your grandson will be blessed with all he needs to overcome his challenges. Thanks for being here!

  2. Sheila

    Julia, good morning and hoping Jeff will have a better day and in turn, so will you. You’ve had a trying week. Matt must have gotten a positive start and built his personality upon a strong foundation as I’m sure he’s grown to be an outstanding young man. I sense so much pride when you write of him. The frolicking photo in the surf comes to mind. Thank you for the wish you send to each of us today. Sheila

    • Hi Sheila, thanks for your sweet note. The photo in the surf that you mentioned pretty well captures the personalities of the three guys I have lived with all these years! Jeff seems much, much better this morning, which is a great relief. Hope you have a lovely day – thanks for being here!

  3. Hope your computer heals ~ so happy you are learning to navigate the new computer! xo

    • Thanks so much! I should know about the old computer sometime on Monday or Tuesday – in the meantime, today’s post is appropriate for how I feel about navigating a new one with Windows 8! Maybe the quote should have said “As long as there is computer technology there will be a frontier.” 🙂 Thanks for visiting here today!

  4. Kudos to our precious Matthew….who, along with his Mom and Dad, are true pioneers in their own right.
    Love and happy day!

    • Thanks Carla, you have always been an encouragement to Matt and to us. Love you!

  5. Our posts are very similar in a way today Julia. Bravo for trailblazers and where they’ve brought us to today. There’s no limits in an open mind.

    • Just read your post and really enjoyed it. We owe a lot to people who have paved the way for us, don’t we? But sometimes I wonder: if they could have the chance to live in our world, would they want to? Or would our lives seem crazy to them? I think I will add a link to your post to my blog today.

      • Thank you for linking Julia, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.
        Our time would seem pretty wacky to someone from 1902 wouldn’t it? I think our ancestors were pretty good at adapting to change. My Grandpa move to town in his later years, then to the city and lived with us. He was pretty hip for a country guy, had his own truck and worked. So maybe we’re more flexible than we think. It’s be fun to zip ahead to 2113 just to see what’s up 😀

        • Yes, they would probably adapt better than we think. Re: zipping to the future, I wonder what crafts will be like then? I have often thought that if someone had shown me all these stamps, cutting tools and supplies so easily available now, I would have gone crazy. In the early 90’s I had to drive to Santa Barbara just to find a good supply of rubber stamps to choose from (at a really cool store called Stampa Barbara; I wonder if it’s still there).

          • Maybe Scrapbooking will go life-size/digitial 3d…like the Halo-deck in Star Trek. Or it’d be like when Mary Poppin’s road her Carousel pony up the rolling hills and thru a garden…that’d be cool. I still see Stampa Barbara on line, their po box is New Mexico now. I have a couple of favourite stores in Edmonton. Most have everything I could ever want and more. I actually worked at a scrapbook store for a couple of years, so I have a bit too much LOL.

            • Hey I like your futuristic ideas of where scrapbooking will go! To some it may sound far-fetched, but just imagine how impossible the things we use every day would have seemed many years ago. I could never work in a scrapbook store, I would spend my whole paycheck and more. I love just looking at your crafts and all the stuff on Pinterest; maybe I get my vicarious craft fix that way.

              • LOL, oh I did spend my whole paycheque and more but that’s why I worked there.
                Have you ever heard that song ‘Welcome to the Future’ by Brad Paisley? He sings “I used to have to get a ride down to the arcade, now I’ve got it on my phone”. Here it is with the lyrics, catchy tune and so true. Come by for your fix any ol’ time my friend 🙂

                • I have never heard anything by Brad Paisley but I’ll have to look that song up. Sounds funny. Thanks for being here!

  6. It’s never easy for the pioneers. Recently I wrote a poem on pioneers. There I have expressed my thoughts and gratitude. Do check it out. 🙂

    • I will! Is it on your blog? Feel free to post a link here in the comments so others can see it as well.


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